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NEWS from the Desk!

good reads

All of the Desk's published novels have now been collected on one page....
By Reader Request! (somebody said they couldn't find them!)

Have you ever had a question about it? The Desk had a LOT of questions about it. As for answers, well....

Non-Fiction? Mystery Series? A 'home gardening segment'? An International Farming Feature? Electroculture, is all of the above.

This story is "...but it could be real" FICTION! The Cycling Grand Tour of North America.

The Final Story of the series is Argo Epic: 'out takes' and 'random notes'.

4 July 2023 brings you: The Questions you ARE NOT supposed to ask your Sunday School Teacher- Answered! A Two Part Essay!
6 August 2023: And, of course: Some OBJECTIONS to that article, and a couple of new questions! (one of which deals with Baphomet)

Last Fall the Desk sat in on a study of the time between the prophets and John the Baptist. It gave the Desk an idea
"Adiva of the Salt Sea".

Arthur's Pack, we find some REALLY old dogs in the woods of Maine.

Midnight, Mississippi, an ancient sleeping volcano may be waking up.

It took awhile, but it is here:
The Final Mission is Argo Epic Four.

A Sequel to a sequel: Extreme Real World Travel: Nova Scotia
we check in with some old friends

NON-FICTION / Current Affairs, January 2021: We look at some people who are said to "Come during times of great trouble."
Nov/Dec 2020: What does the term 'Gaslighting' have to do with 2020's viral problem?

New Fiction for November 2020. A short story based on a bad dream, no a really, REALLY, Bad Dream, to close out 2020... "...heinous..."
WARNING: This Story may disturb more sensitive readers.

JULY 2020, New Fiction!
A Sequel: Extreme Real World Travel: Belize
while this story is fiction, it could come true!

For those in Lockdown, or the ones that should be, a Mystery Series article:
"Oh, John, where art thou?" the Desk looks for Prester John.

Brand New Fiction (for lockdown):
"...to us, you are Jerome. With a traumatic head injury, but you are still Jerome."
    "And to me, you are a fool. Without a head injury for an excuse."

Pointless Fiction... for Free! (the best kind, right?) "...We're the Temps."

For Palm Sunday we look at a really interesting question:
"Is the "Restoration" or even the entire Protestant Reformation Still Relevant?"

January 2020 brings you the question: "Is math the Universal Natural Language... " ... from the Mystery Series.

New from the Desk's Fiction Department:

THE ARGO EPIC - and the rescue of the Terra Maru
if you are counting, that is Book Three.

The Sequel to ---
The Original: The Mission of the ARGO EPIC
A short novel of Science 'Possible' with TWO endings!

December 2018:
ASTROLOGY, an in depth, almost exhaustive, or at least, exhausting, Look at the ancient practice, from the Mystery Series.

Something of a new side project that has been very interesting, and more fun than the Desk expected...
(especially since the Desk has actually been thrown out of a couple of places!)

A friend of the Desk asked about... ... REAL vampires.
the Desk found some, so- WARNING: this article may upset some readers!

you've heard about the original, maybe you even read it....
... either way, You Probably Didn't Believe It!
And now, there is something new:
Lord's Lunatic 2: STILL the Lord's Lunatic!
"There's fish in the baptistery."

New Short Story! (yes, the Desk still writes Fiction believe it or not)
Middlefork, Illinois, a village becomes a city:
"We Don't Need A City Manager!"

A BLOODY new Mystery Series Article
NOTE: it is NOT for the more Squeamish of the Desk's readers.

Why those "Social Media" Fun Questions and other such sharing, may not be a good idea.

Posted on the last day of 2016:
Question: "What did 'We The People' collectively do that resulted in the production of a generation of absolute Emotional Cripples?"
The Desk's Answer. but it may upset you

Editorial about the coverage of Election 2016
sorry about the delay in posting, there was an FTP problem with the host

Three New Short Stories for FALL 2016
"Yes, the Desk is still writing fiction!" -1 Oct 2016
(.... it just hasn't had time to get stuff posted.....)

The long night on Thunderecho Island
A group picnic, a river, and a very long cold wet night!

subs - or - "Sir, we have a cold war problem."

"We are the Muses, and we are here to save our sister." Mused

new for September 2016-
The Desk looks into the way your nose can negatively impact your wallet, and your health:
"Smell that? Smells like manipulation."

We look at a Tanya Tucker song and, well, SCIENTIFIC HOAXES like Piltdown Man, Ica Stones, "Archaeoraptor", and other stuff.

The Desk's Mystery Series looks at: "the black eyed children" and "the indigo children" to answer are "the kids alright"?

A reader wants to know if MAGIC is real.

We were just connecting dots
Follow Up! we answer a lady's question:
"....but what can I do?...."
the 'greatest hits list' for those articles.

The Desk looks at some personal care products.
If you love your hand lotion, don't read this!

A question led to this:
"What is it about women and Essential Oils?" an oily Mystery Series Article.
Posted 1 May 2015

In Celebration of CERN's Large Hadron Collider destroying the world!

we all HOPE this is a science FICTION story!

New ADULT TOPIC Short Novel posted
The Story that was rejected by the publisher for not being "hot enough"!
See the Fiction Page for more

New In The Mystery Series:
"Can you Sell Your Soul to the Devil?"

Adventure Fiction
For The End of 2014, the Desk gives you a rose. A Dinner Rose.
In Antarctica, and then in the Amazon, and then... Mexico.

Political Commentary: Is it a SIN for a CHRISTIAN to vote for a Democrat?

From the Mystery Series: The Desk looks at Ghosts and Spirits.

Short Story posted 1 June 2014:
The Desk wrote an episode for a new reality show!
"A Special Episode of Extreme Real World Travel."

the making of I Stole Everything For The Zombies the film.

An unplanned Sporting Event Photo Essay- the Schlarman Academy Archery Shootout. 16 schools, 504 archers, and one Desk!

We visit with some old friends when the JUPITOR comes across the SPACEBOX.

FREE READ! Science Fiction Novel web published for 2014.
"The Squid Guys are the Good Guys!" book one
And book two.

Another Photo Essay:

The 2014 Midwest Equipment Dealers Ag Expo
Article and lots of photos

Interesting Photo Essay: The Restoration of the historic Fischer Theater
did you see the 'orb/ghost/camera artifact'?.

Warning: this bad dream may give YOU a Bad Dream!
The Vengeance of the Mirror Guild

New Adventure with 'The Detective': Bad times in Las Vegas.

NEW PHOTOESSAY with commentary: "A night and a day, on a Train!"

A question was asked: "What Rights, under the US Bill Of Rights, would you have under Sharia Law?"
The Desk Answered it.
WARNING: May Upset Some Readers!

tech-security-mystery-nonfiction article - but "You may not LIKE what you read"!

New Major Article in the MYSTERY SERIES: Alchemy.

New Fiction for 2013!
The PreClovis Story
The Desk's untitled Archeological tale about 'who came first'.

The Detective: 10. "Somebody is killing all the bad guys."

New From "Fred", More Thoughts of a Wandering Soul and "To My Brother".

We go to ATLANTIS in a manner of speaking.


The Desk looks into the legend of Lilith - Adam's First Wife

Did you get a "fly away escape" postcard? even the airline says it's a scam!

Speaking of scams, 2012's greatest hits... some things never change.

The National Reply Center almost, so close, scam

And on a lighter note: The 2012 Polar Bear Plunge Cake Off Photoessay
Desk Coverage of a Charity Event.

Genetically Engineered Food, the 'dark side, and you.
with "bushels" of resources! by reader request

"gold, Gold! GOLD!!! ... ... but why?" in the Mystery Series.


a Desk tour of the Other PYRAMIDS of the World

Major New Photo Essay
The Desk Looks at a city and its Vieux Carre.
Article Page 1
To Photo Page 1
PS the city is New Orleans.
ALSO: The NOLA "Warnings and Disclaimers" Special Edition
And a page of photos best called Other Stuff

And now... Facebook password reset scam spam!

"But I'm writing a children's book!"
In memory of a friend of the Desk.

Tired of snow? How would you like to be tired of "Snow Zombies"?
"The Night of the Attack of the Snow Zombies"

The Grimoire of New Jersey.
Mild Horror starring "The New Jersey Devil"

New Charity Photoessay Toys For Tots 2010!

Event Coverage! Major Photoessay!
Dover Race The Desk and Mrs. Desk cover a car for a sponsor!
With two pages of Pictures!

Social and Business Networking...
...For Those That Don't Like Socializing!

Books That Killed
New Non-Fiction.

Dock Dogs!
yes... Dock. Dogs. you'll see...

The drugged business cards warning email!

The Desk's Mystery Series looks at Great Zimbabwe

Disillusionment in 2009

New Mystery Series article.
"Godzilla: the King of the Monsters" and the Mystery Series

The 2009 Snow Hill Fiber Festival Article and Picture Pages

The latest con game to come the Desk's way: A Scam for the Books!

The "Teacher's Letter to Obama" should get somebody a detention.

"Woe! Woe, O great city, O Babylon, city of power! In one hour your doom has come!"
The Desk looks to see if the Apostle was talking about New York City, or not.

A new 419 Scam Letter NOTE: the "anti drug/terrorist clearance certificate" is part of the scam!

The First One Hundred Days of Mr. Obama like you will NOT see on CNN or MSNBC!

Disclaimer Collection Photo Page THREE!!!
Oh, yeah, the Desk is still doing this too!

Once More With Feeling. More offensive, and even CRIMINAL advertising.

CLINTON BY PROXY Oh, "O" say it isn't so!

The Desk Answers an email of Christmas questions.

Duck Souls! Metaphysical Boundaries Chapter Five Now Posted!

The FBI Nigerian Scam Letter is Back! it was first seen in 2004!

It was just another Thursday for a Photoessay.

The new low in men-bashing ads is: "unbutton your beast?", and more.

New Photos on the Disclaimer Collection Photo Pages.

Hold onto your "hanging chads" ELECTION 2012 is just FOUR YEARS away!

Under The Rock
A guy lives at Rockefeller Center for several years, Without Paying Rent!

New Story for April 08! The Unintended Consequences of Ophiuchus
A story about the Thirteenth sign of the Zodiac.

NoN Fiction- 28 March UPDATE to the Desk's Global Warming Prediction!

An Instant CLASSIC 419 Scam letter! and Two scam letters one that's hilarious, and one from CareerBuilder.com
DAMNIT The Desk's answer to somebody that clicks on spam emails to "see what they've got".

a new FUZZY Photo Essay!

The 2008 BIG GAME Desk Style! with pure Gonzo commericial review.
AND The Desk answers ANOTHER friendship quiz

5 Cel phone facts email 1 of 5 is true! ALSO- the good old cell phone gun email

PHISHING UPDATE and overview starring the "official bank of the SEC"
With resource links to security information.

The Answer is... Two Hundred and Seven... and counting. The Question....

300 Kilometers. We go to French Guiana to track down some 'cute monkeys' with really bad attitudes.
warning- some scenes may upset some readers

The Desk makes a Global Warming Prediction.

TV producers HATE men

NEW PHOTO ON THE Public Utility Warning pic page. Did you know that between the THREE disclaimer picture pages, there are over 30 photos of these things?

The Christmas Eve Week look at Primary Season 2008.

A NEW PHOTOESSAY with THREE picture pages!
The NYC PIC Page 1 and 2
The NYC Special Edition Warnings and Disclaimers Photo Page

the 2007 Delaware Technology Conference

The last member of 'The Pack' has passed on. "Three weeks in 1961" See the Desk's brief for background.

DISASTERS! The Desk looks at a Greatest Hits List of Potential Major Disasters. NEW Non Fiction article.
11/07 Global Warming Update and remove the hoaxed material. The Weather Channel Guy is standing by his statement. Get over it. I did.

The Jamie Bulger's Murders Go Free (Very Sad Story) email petition . It Used to be True Sort Of.

The article on Theatrical Blackface from 2002. With Newly rebuilt Photo Page!
the photos had been hosted on an outside server which recently died!

Desk Report for 2007 ???top one million???

PLAYPEN 10 - 1 GT Article and PHOTOS!

The First Class US Mail The Seventy Two Hour Only SCAM! with pictures

NEW FICTION Aug 07 Legacy Project- CANCELED

The Desk was asked What's Next? in the Tech World

The Desk is a PROPHET! All over by Jan 3? - check out the headline from the 8 August 2007 WSJ! -
"First Presidential Votes Might Be Cast in 2007"
the Desk wrote its article in '03!

"You're FIRED!" 2008 Edition

The Global Warming UPDATE from Canada, Summer Solstice 07

IN DEPTH TECH (maybe scam) ARTICLE: VIRTUAL COMMUNITIES how much do you know about the Online Worlds? ... and Two New Articles about the 'unhealthy' side of the web.... the MODEL scams!
AND if you like your computer....
DO NOT "Get ZWINKY..." please...
with links to resources and removal.

NEW! Photoshoot 2 With a Beautiful Young Woman. Compare to the original: Photoshoot photoshoot

Metaphysical Boundaries. Chapter FOUR Now Posted!
NEW!!! The Desk Looks at Rev. Billy Graham as it did Pope John Paul II
AND Biblical Contradictions and the ART of DEBUNKING!

The Desk's Science or SciFi QUIZ. With answers and links to resources.

Another New Picture in the PHOTOESSAY For The Disclaimer Collection, at the bottom.

Questions sent in by a Desk Reader answered half to death.

ANOTHER DISCLAIMER COLLECTION Update Now over 600 Entries! Including: Attending the wrong class all semester, even if you earn an "A" may result in an "F."

"Have you driven a Ford Lately?" If not, you might miss your chance.

When is a GAME a SCAM? and To Those that get Stuck in 'Dumb'.

Pills and Creams to make you LARGER, or just poorer? Another PAYPAL SCAM

By Request: NON-FICTION Collection! and the Mystery Series...
Flaming Swords and "0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8..." The Fibonacci Sequence With many links, The King -and more- all Non-Fiction articles.

NOTE: Some older material is being moved now, and some may simply be Deleted!

Doctor Leftover's Page. With links to the Profile and other Personal Stuff and Pictures.
Meaningful Quotes from the GREAT MINDS and gibberish from the Desk.

The Desk's "Artistic Statement" ?

The Desk Report for 2006! It's been another year?

NOTE: The Desk's old guestbook was full of advertisements for porn sites and has been disabled, the Desk's main mailbox is recieving over a hundred SPAM messages a day and has been deleted, the second one is now being acively SPAMMED and those that do are being reported to their ISP: To contact Dr. Leftover use the new GUESTBOOK
warning, it's in Denmark! And has been Up and Down lately - server issues!

The Desk writes a brief on The Holocaust

also- The Desk's RAVEN story index page

The Hoaxes and Urban Legend Page is: HERE Link Fixed! Including Quick Reference Guide
An OLD HOAX is making the rounds again. But the Article "Advice for the Young Bride" may not actually be old enough to get married!

The NEW IRS scam and The Toxic Pancake Email!

the Foreign Lottery SCAMS, The Cel Phone checkout line ID Theft HOAX. -and- Natural Products read it before you buy that stuff off the TV, and more SPAM. 'To A Child' email poem and plea- HOAX New STUPID SPAM TRICKS and Warning
The African Cash Transfer SCAM! The DESK is one of the Web's best resources on the 419 SCAM. The 419 SCAM is alive and well! With several emails from the scammer in Togo (including a death threat to the Desk)

The Desk Fiction Department
JAN 07 TWO NEW Sci-Fi Stories
ORIGINAL Non Series Based fan fiction.
STARGATE The City/State of Eros. mildy erotic- imagine that! (newly re-edited!)
Star Trek The Good OLD Ship JUPITOR a short story

The Secret War In Oliphant Furnace

"So we look for an ice chest sized wooden box." Debby said.
Kyle grinned. "With 'Secret Nazi Death Ray' written on it in German."
"Yeah." David nodded. "Exactly."

Come Visit Sand Mountain near Bryant, Alabama

a NOVEL LENGTH sci-fi fan fiction story-
The Station and the Patrol
"Get lost in another universe for awhile"

TECH PAGE All Technical and Web articles have been shoved over here.
The Graphic is the Best Part!

is COMCAST's customer service!" -Dr Leftover

The 2005 Delaware Technology Conference
VoIP the Desk looks at Net based telephone service. The Broadband over Power Lines article.
The Federal Do Not Call List probably won't work.
VERIZON wants YOUR MONEY! Check your phonebill for extra charges, Here's Why

Lord Monckton Shoots down two Global Warming Senators with science. it's a PDF
Special Presentation: The Politics of Science- A Senator Challenges the Global Warmers
Something you won't see on Sixty Minutes.
And Rushing about Air America the politics of radio.

SPORTS! a Two Part Ranting On Sports

HUMOR. These are the articles you were warned about!

The DISCLAIMER COLLECTION. A One Of A Kind Feature with over 500 entries! Allergen Information: produced in a facility that uses peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, milk and shellfish. AND WHY would anybody do something like this?

Another bunch of questions answered Happy Pengi?

NEW SERIES Metaphysical Boundaries. The Desk's Thesis- Chapter FIVE Now Posted!
The Apologetics series Dancing in the Sight of the Lord and the short novel Lord's Lunatic are here. As well as- Why Me?
A National Ministry is On The Rocks- Why? Focus on the Money!

Christian Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy Adventure Come and see! New Stories Eventually!

KADA the Desk's nightmare character.
Chapters One and Two posted! More available by email only.

A Tale of Two Dorms! The Desk's Soap Opera and Quote page.

From theHunter
We were given three days to wrap up our personal business, then we all met in Houston to begin our training. We were split up into small groups to make it more manageable. The last arrival, code named Ice, was in my group. He was to be Falcon's co-pilot and the spacecraft's mechanic.
        "We never call anything a 'crash course' in the space business." Our first instructor said. "But that's what I was told this was."
        "Did they tell you why?" I asked him.
        "No sir. They said it was so classified they hadn't even told God about it yet."
        "Sounds about right." Conga said. "Where do we start?"

Fifty-two Episodes Now Posted!

Have you met him yet?

PHOTOESSAYS All Desk Photoessays are being collected HERE!
Story and pictures:
The 14th Edition of FARPOINT Feb 2007, with picture page.

The Tech Conference 2006 Edition. With short picture page.

The Dover Toys for Tots drive, 2006 edition

Old Dover Days 2006 and the Defective Duckies! With Picture Page!
The Farpoint '04 Story ... with Two Pages of Pictures!
And an article of the Desk's Methodology with more pics!
The Toys For Tots donation drive! Short article and PICTURES!
SHORELEAVE 25 Full Coverage!
Farpoint 2003 Pictures!
Maryland Renaissance Festival

LINKS All sorts of links. All were working as of a week ago or so. The link to Deep's site has a warning on it.

OTHERS Look here to find pages by other folk associated however loosely with the DESK.

Mrs. Levite's Site Teresa's Desk. With picture pages, see the articles about Letterboxing.
From Ms. Delajara: I can't delete you from my heart

Fred looks at Homeland Security!

What is Sexy? Brutha Deep's Answer. AND he posts a Test... see content warning

Ramblings and Hunting from 'Fred'.
NOTE: to all readers... The Desk Does Not Update These Pages Until THEY Send In Something To Update Them With... hint hint

This page will be maintained as a memorial to Melissa: Swan's Page. Bethany wrote a poem in memory of her MOM, My Mom and Her Deadly Disease by Patricia, Special Friend of the Desk- Carrie, contributed this article about the dedication of her 2003 Boston Marathon to Melissa. With Pictures! [presented as recieved as a Adobe file]

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