"I have seen GOD in people who deny He exisits."
-Levite, owner/webmaster, The Media Desk

Pray for Revival in the Land

"GOD, in all His forms, has always promoted Common Sense....
     ... which is sorely lacking in most Religions today."

Dr. Leftover writing on Metaphysics.

Christian Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy Adventure


The Questions you ARE NOT supposed to ask your Sunday School Teacher- Answered! A Two Part Essay!


Lord's Lunatic 2: STILL the Lord's Lunatic! "There's fish in the baptistery."


Susan's Thoughts on the Murders of four Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officers. From an online friend of the Desk.


METAPHYSICAL BOUNDARIES. The Desk's Thesis on the subject. Chapters 1 and 2. Three to come soon.


The DIFFERENCE Faith has Made to the Desk.


Something posted by a Friend of the Desk
How Could GOD let this happen


FOR SPRING! Lord's Lunatic You have to Read it to Believe It!


Dancing in the Sight of the Lord... THE FINAL OUTRAGE!


Dancing with Angels!
SPECIAL EDITION Dancing in the Sight of the Lord


Dancing in the Sight of the Lord 3
NEW EDITION! more to argue about!


There is NO Answer to One Question...
warning: this gets real heavy!


Perhaps a dose of True Oppression would be good for the Church.


National TV ministries on the rocks. Commentary on 'Religious' Organizations.


Dancing in the Sight of the Lord 1


Dancing in the Sight of the Lord 2


Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God


Pray for Revival in the Land

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