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An introduction.

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       The idea for this story was born out of part of the Desk's own personality. Possibly proving what some have long suspected; that the Desk is at least a borderline functional schizophrenic, if not a true multiple personality... or maybe a psychotic and possibly criminal sociopath.
       But this isn't about who is shrinking whose head, this is about Religious Fiction and even... dare we say it? Gospel Fiction.
       Yes indeed.
       Not the Gospel of Christ AS fiction. Don't get it wrong here. But the Gospel as one of the headlining co-stars in a work of Fiction. And indeed, in Lord's Lunatic the Gospel is as much a star of the show as Brother Samuel and his dirty dishes.

       Dirty Dishes???

       Oh yeah. That and more.

       Now to answer the question: 'Isn't this mess sacrilege?' or blasphemy or heretical or ... something like that?

       No. Not Hardly. We wish. And, if you look hard enough for a doctrinal problem with anything, including a cheesecake, you will eventually find it. Even if you have to manufacture it. If you want to see the speech about Christian Fiction check out the intro to another genre of the Desk's work...HERE.

       Which brings this around to the Desk and exactly what and how he believes what he believes. As stated elsewhere, and in depth in the 'Dancing in the sight of the Lord' series. The Desk's belief is never in question. His application of that belief may be a bit shaky at times, but so it goes.

       As for what the Desk sees as the mission and work of the Local Church. He's got that boiled down into four points. Everything the Church is supposed to do in a dozen or so words.

  1. Worship GOD.
  2. Take the Word to the Lost.
  3. Edify the Saints.
  4. Repeat until the Lord Comes.
OK, sixteen words. Oh, well.

       For what it's worth. The sermons and ideas presented in Lord's Lunatic are what the Desk would preach if he were given the opportunity, and indeed, for a short time, the Desk had considered becoming a preacher. But it also knew it could never be... as it is put in the story: a "...regular pulpit filling home church answer the phone at Oh Dark Thirty minister..." That just wasn't the Desk's personality. And now, many years and many gallons of bourbon under the bridge since then, it still isn't. For those of you wondering how that last statement can be brought into line with any of the previous... see 'Dancing 1'.

       So in case you haven't figured it out yet. The Desk is Publicly proclaiming its faith, in its way, to the world at large, for the review and comment upon by all and sundry. And it has picked several different ways to do it. The work currently under discussion,   Lord's Lunatic   is simply the latest.

       Is it going to be the best received, most productive, highest regarded, most notable work of faith since CS Lewis or Alexander Campbell or Cotton Mather or even... Jonathan "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"  Edwards ?

       Pardon, please... the Desk has fallen out of his chair and is laughing insanely on the floor under the Desk's desk.

Lord's Lunatic


The Lord's Lunatic Two, 'Still the Lord's Lunatic!'

"There's fish in the baptistery."

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