Foreword / Preface

©01 Levite

(Christian Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy Adventure)

Adult CHRISTIAN SCIENCE FICTION???? and FANTASY ADVENTURE???? No, Virginia, that is NOT a contradiction.

Jesus in His Earthly ministries told stories, parables, similes, and so on. Unless a widow had actually lost a coin, and a shepherd a sheep, and a certain man on the road to Jericho actually happened, which indeed could be the case, these were FICTION. Illustrations. Perhaps even entertainment.

Face it, Jesus the Christ, the Son of God, is arguably the single greatest storyteller ever.

Now. About the pile of papers this sheet is discussing.

Are these an attempt to EMBELLISH the Word? To ADD TO THE WORDS OF THIS PROPHECY as Revelation puts it in its warning?

In short: No. These are merely a retelling, not a rewriting of the Bible with the intent that these BECOME a new 'Word', if that is possible.

Just as "Jesus Christ Superstar" was a retelling of the Gospel of John, so these are a (hopefully) slightly more humble attempt by a poor sportswriter and political observer to put a fresh coat of paint on some of the great stories of the Bible. Perhaps reaching an audience that may be unfamiliar with a few of them with the essentials of the stories. And while staying close to the original plots in most cases, maybe bringing in a few surprises to hold their interest.

Maybe more than a few.

The BIBLE is not dull. Maybe that is the bottom line of this whole endeavor.

The Desk presents what for the time being is Christian Sci-Fi for lack of a better name, for your amusement.

It is worth mentioning up front that some of these are set in Biblical times, in a couple of cases, during the Exodus, or one of Paul's journeys, others are set in the contemporary world of today, others are set in the far flung future. Those based in real time and places are so labeled.

Now the legal talk, in fine print of course....

All Works contained in this collection remain property of the author as works in progress under author copyright; any resemblance to anything other than Bible Stories is accidental and unintended. No Actual Persons are represented other than Biblical Characters. Any other resemblance is unintentional. Credit for incidental music, references, and usage will be given when required. Author retains all rights including right of approval for publication or performance. All questions, comments, correspondence should be sent to the following addresses:
Surface mail- The Media Desk, PO Box 1276, Dover, DE 19903

NOTE: These stories will rotate on a semi-monthly basis, until all 30+ have been posted. Check back and see what's new.

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