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the Delivering

©02 Levite

(Christian Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy Adventure)

       The Governor had never been agreeably tolerant of us. Any of us. But the people clamored for diversions. And given the fact that this planet was so far away from everything else, with threat of sudden war living behind every sunset, constant shortages of everything from shoe gloss to fresh food, diversions were hard to come by.
She had to live with us.
       WE, being missionaries as we were called in the Old Way.
       Gospel Meetings as our gatherings were announced were one of the most popular of the legal diversions for citizens and warriors.
       Gaming was strictly controlled and taxed. But even so, it was very nearly as popular. Other outlets from boredom were more or less illegal for the citizens, and most were absolutely prohibited to the warrior classes.
       But the Governor did not make it easy for us. We were monitored nearly constantly to see if we ever delivered against the Authorities. If any of us delivered a set against war as an acceptable means to an end, they were pulled in for a talk down about subversion.
       We tried not to be political, but it was a close walk. Overseer groups in various places were corrupt, some of the military Highers used their positions to their own ends.
       Even the most mild of us would occasionally deliver a set against a wrongness that they could not ignore.
        And so it was with me.
       I had traveled to an outlying fueler to deliver to an assembly that had requested a diversion through channels. Because it was a military base I had to submit my talk to their Clearer before. Everything was agreed to.
       But on my way there I found out that the Super of the installation had seized the pass-to cards of many of his Lowers. These he gave to his own for diversion even though they had access to outside.
       I was sweat making as I took the stage after my songmaster had led a few rounds.
       "Some wrongness. Even though not specifically mentioned in the Book. Are still Evil in the eyes of Men of Right." I delivered with force.
       Some of those in the gathering bobbed their heads to me.
       This was not the Opening the Clearer had approved. I was holding my listing that had the stamp from the Clearer's office. The Gathering Master was eyeing me closely, he was also grasping a copy of my listing.
       "In the book there read many tales of Wrongness done by a Higher against a Lower. It is told of a King who had an Under terminated so he may posses his Other. Another. A Highest despised the Lowest One that lay sick at his gate, yet when they both ended, the Highest glimpsed the Lowest easing in the Comfort Above while he stood in the Fire of Eternity, then he pleaded for easement of his pain."
       The Master was going through my listing. Not finding these tales. I believed I had only a few beats before I was found out and removed.
       "Such Wrongness by a Higher to a Lower is anathema to He That Reigns. Such Wrongness will be Remade! If not in the Current, in Eternity."
       The Gathering Master was making arm signs at me. I did not see him. Instead raising my Book to the gathering.
       "Here read the Right! Here read the Love of the One for All! Here read..." I had to say the Name even though the Name itself was banned in installations. We could deliver all we wanted as long as we did not name the Name to the gatherings. I felt the Push from Him to say it. I took air.
       "HERE READ JESUS!!!" I shouted. The gathering erupted in cheers from the back half where the common under-warriors were watching me.
       That was it. The Master was on the stage. He seized my Book and threw it at the gathering in his fire.
       Warriors took me from the stage. I was brought to the Super of the installation.
       His blood was in his face as he eyed me.
       "You." He spoke.
       I did not remark to him. Calmness took me. I felt that Spirit with me I had so often delivered on.
       "Why would you accuse me? Why would you speak the Name? Why would you fire the gathering? You had been Cleared to deliver Loving! You delivered..."
       "Anti-Wrongness." I said softly to him.
       He roared. He raged. He spoke against me most terrible things.
       I was to be removed to the Governor for delivering against the Authority of the installation.        The cost for that could be my very living.

       It was many sessions before I was taken to the Governor.
       In the while, I delivered uncleared sets to those being held.
       There was one good to being held. I could speak the Name without fear of reproach and closing from a Gathering Master. And speak the Name Jesus I did. Every set I did had the Name in it. And the Holders heard too. Many asked how to show Him they took his Name.
       Then I was taken to the Governor.
       She was not up with me. She respoke the terrible things the Super had. I had no apology for her.
       "You have reason for not speaking your cleared list?"
       "No Governor."
       Then she required me to speak my defense for it.
       "I was Commanded to stand and deliver against Wrongness."
       "Who commanded this?"

       She may have never heard spoken the Name before.
       The Governor, before her Unders made me deliver the longest set I had ever. I did not have my Book, I had no list. But I knew I had Him.
       I delivered on His Life. His Word. I spoke the Name, Jesus, often and well.
       Some of the Unders bobbed their head as I spoke. One of them must shown in the Name before. He spoke encouragements to me as I delivered.
       Then I ran out. I had no more to say then.
       She eyed me. "Return him next session."
       I was taken back to the holding. Where I lay down. I heard many in the holding say they had been delivering to Him for me while I was standing for the Governor.

       The next session she had me deliver again on Jesus. I did so.
       She asked questions about what I had delivered last time.
       "I see the Story changes not." She stated.
       "He is Eternal. His Word is Eternal."
       "The Book states this?"
       I bobbed my head. I rumbled my voice and delivered from the Book. "Began all with the Word, the Word was there with God, the Word was God. He was the beginning with God. All came to be by Him, and none that had been, was, without Him. He is life, and light unto the life of Men. This Light came to the Dark, and the Dark didn't see it."
       I ended my delivery. Maybe my delivery from the Book was not whole, but I reasoned I had delivered enough of it.
       The Governor eyed me. She bobbed her head once or twice.
       "Missionary." She spoke to me by my designation. "Almost you have delivered me to the point of showing for this Jesus whom you speak."
       She turned to her Unders. "This deliverer has done no Wrongness worthy being held. Loose him and let him return to his designation."
       I bowed to the Governor, and to Him that loosened me from this holding.
       "Yes Governor."
       "If you deliver ever any other than the Trueness of this Word. This Jesus will hold you to account. Not me."
       "Yes Governor."
       And with that speaking, they returned me to my place outside.

end Deliverer


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