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The Founder

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(Christian Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy Adventure)

       To be entered in the record of this session of the Union High Counsel as presented by the committee chaired by Dr. Williamson.

       Concerning the life and deeds of the Founder of the Union. He was, and is, known by many names, in this report, he will simply be referred to as, the Founder, to avoid confusion. All would have to admit that without this single individual, none of what we know now would have come to be, although it was the labor of countless millions that brought it to reality both before and since the Founder's life. It was this one man that is in truth the lynchpin of all.
       His life, has been the subject of many books and far more rumors, this committee shall strive to remove all subjective information and present him in as fair a light as possible. We have exhaustively sorted through stories handed down through families, on the scene reports, official documentation, and the archeological record to the finest degree. Much of the information, while based in fact in the majority of cases, were so augmented by exaggeration and embellishment in their multiple retelling as to almost not be recognized. The truth of the Founder's life when viewed in the historical documentation, is far more impressive than the most retold of the old stories familiar to every schoolchild in the Union.
       We shall present some of the details in this brief, the full report is available in the database, it is well worth the reading as time permits.

       The circumstances of the Founder's early life are shrouded in the mist of time. While of humble beginnings, the tall tale of his being born in the shell of an abandoned transport because his family could not afford a room is erroneous. Yes he arrived in other than permanent housing, but it was far from the romanticized story that has grown so popular.
       Also his childhood is lost to time. We know without a doubt he received a fine education and amazed a local representative with his understanding while still quite young, but his progress reports were not preserved. And from this distance, seeing his accomplishments later in life, do his scores from the fifth level matter?
       As a youth he seems to have known his destiny. He began early on to recruit associates based on the character of the person, not so much their credentials from the authorities. Some of his most trusted inner circle would have been rejected out of hand had they applied to work in the mailroom of the Counsel. Many had reputations unfavorable to those soon to be in the public eye and then to be leading the organization that became the Union. Nonetheless, the Founder not only recruited them, they did not come to him seeking employment, he trained them himself.
       As far as his many works both toward individuals and the society at large. These are best looked at in the larger work in the database. However, we shall take two incidences that promoted his mission into the light of eventually becoming the Union, and examine them here as examples of his stature and influence.
       One day the Founder and his friends entered the local seat of power. Inside were all manner of persons selling everything from accessories and memorabilia to supposed legislative favors. The Founder was outraged. He shouted above the din of all that was going on to the effect that Government was to be for, of, and by the people, not a mob of swindlers and thieves. Then he proceeded to run them out of the building and expose their scams for what they were.
       Needless to say the local representatives, whom were all involved in the profits of what was happening, were most upset. While the Founder was right, and what had been going on was outrageous, it was winked at, and even encouraged by those that were supposed to be administering the laws of the land.
       From that day on, the Founder was looked on with fear and loathing by the authorities, even though most of them realized he was speaking the truth.
       Another case involved the Founder and his habit of entertaining and generally being around some of the outcastes of society at large. Known criminal types, prostitutes, even enemy soldiers were welcome in his camp. He judged each person on their own merits, and in doing so, he often found those with position and status in society to be lacking when weighed in the balance.
       On one occasion he was dining with a person that amounted to a known organized crime lieutenant when he was rudely confronted by some of the administrators. He asked those who were calling him names and demanding he rebuke the man, which of them had never done wrong in their careers, let him step up and rebuke the man. When the group fell silent and began to look sheepish, he simply told the man to work as hard at changing his ways to the good as he had to get where he was by doing evil.
       Again, the local officials fell to muttering about how to stop him. Although the Founder never employed direct violence, he was bringing those that would use violence to a state of rage that could not be stopped.
       And you all know the story of how as his followers grew bolder and the very message that good and peace were the mightiest of all spread. He was taken and tried and sentenced. And killed.

       Yet for years afterward. His influence grew. Until the very government that had fought tooth and nail against his ideas gave way before it.
       Some of his followers became leaders, working at every level from the lowest to the highest offices in the lands. Finally, it grew into the Union we know now, and his name is held in reverence by some, disdain by others, even as he himself predicted.
       Once again, the tale is told in full in the database. If any of you would like to know the whole story, a copy can be made available to you.
       Included therein is how some of his followers worked in the capitals of the lands at the time, how some were even killed for stating what would later become obvious. How the message was taken and distorted by others, some innocently misunderstanding the message, others with an eye on fame or profit. And there are accounts of wrongs and evils and, yes, stupidity, that ring as true today as they did then.

       The report, in this abbreviated form, and the complete database, are submitted for your benefit.
       Your servant, Dr. Williams and company.

end Founder


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