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Nice, But... What to DO With Them?

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(Christian Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy Adventure)

The title to this page is a valid question.

        And after a bit of stuttering, the Desk answered it. And after some more thought, and a cup of coffee that may well be labeled a War Crime, has tried to put some wheels under that answer and give the reader some ideas and a but more of an explanation.


      In the story, The Starship Moses Incident. While the root of the story is the Captain's borrowing of the example of Moses in the basket and her using it to get her ship and crew out of trouble. There are lessons from Proverbs and James (the tongue), the Christian Family from both the Old and New Testaments, and the Profession of Faith from the Captain to a Lieutenant:

      "Now will you answer my question." He said as they walked back to the docking port.
      "Which question was that?"
      "Do you really believe all those old stories in that book?"
      She smiled and nodded. "More so all the time. More so all the time."
Can these stories substitute for lessons from the Bible itself?

      No. . . .No way.
      No more than watching a TV Preacher can substitute for gathering with the Saints in the corporate worship service of the Church. No more than reading a tract can stand in for the Good News. No more than saying a prayer memorized by rote as a child should be your prayer life instead of TALKING to God.
      It is painfully obvious in the story Johna that it really is Jonah- with a twist. Another is Job, the Apostle Paul is the subject of a few, and so on. Others, like 'the Maenad' is built around a Biblical story. As is The Apostle.

      The author's hope is that some of the truths of the Bible can shine through in a way that isn't so familiar as to be taken for granted. Or to reach an audience that doesn't routinely read the Bible.

Could these be used in addition to a curriculum for a Sunday School or Bible Study?

      Without a doubt, and in fact, that was the intent. There must be at least three or four Sunday School lessons in Moses. More in The Apostle. While The Man might be one.
      That's without even mentioning The Founder which describes... well... you figure it out.

      The Series is presented as an expression of faith by the author and hopefully, the fondness for the Original is evident in every one. With any luck, they will make the reader curious and they will go see what Elijah said to the people in First Kings 18, and why…

Elijah went before the people and said, "How long will you waver between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him." But the people said nothing.

      And maybe thereby, the reader will find a Blessing from the Word.


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