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President Obama

The ONE Hundred Days you Won't See on CNN.

      Well let's see... His first hundred days is about up...

North Korea has launched a ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuke.
    US response = Ziltch.

Iran has taken a US journalist prisoner and charged her with espionage and gave Eight Years In Prison, if she lives out the next week. Also... Iran has refired their Nuclear Weapons Program.
   US response = Bupkis.

The President of France asks Mr. Obama if he is going to walk on the water of the English Channel.
   US response = Silenceo.

Taliban violence in Afghanistan has escalated and is now threatening to destabilize Pakistan, which was never too stable to begin with.
   US response = Nada to speak of.

African pirates continue to hijack commercial shipping.
   US response = shoot three, make the survivor a star and offer him a better life in a US prison than he would have ever had free in Somalia. On the tab of the US taxpayers for the rest of his life.

The ranking dictator in South America offers the US president a book of well debunked lies and propaganda, which becomes an instant best seller while positioning himself to be the spokesmodel for his continent.
   US response = waits to be seen.

The leading left wing rap sheet, the NY Times is all but bankrupt, Congress debates bailing out the big papers, meanwhile, the NYT company pays multi million dollar bonuses to the owner and other wheels, at the same time the layoffs of the people that put out the paper are on the schedule.
   US response = more good taxpayer money thrown into the fire.

Global warming is now "Climate Change", solar activity is at an all time low, Antarctic ice is growing, all time low temp records for April are being set all over the Northern Hemisphere, Snow in Bhagdad, and so on.
   US response = tax oil companies, mandate skateboard cars, prevent drilling and mining of anything carbon based, continue to make gas out of corn and starve Mexican peasants, build more windmills that shred migratory birds.

New US President has mediocre first 100 days at best.
   US Media Response = fawn over Mrs. Obama, put Mr. Obama on magazine cover shirtless and talk about how 'hot' he is, more references to Camelot.

all of the above can be verified on the various news services, for some of them, you will have to look at overseas outlets as the US media tends to ignore certain stories that tend not to serve their... whatever you want to call it, but it ain't objective journalism. - Doc L

Countdown to Election 2012- Three Years, Six months, Two weeks.

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