Buyer's Remorse and the Democrats

Or, "is voting for them a sin?"

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Written in response to several Life-Long Democrats who now wish they'd never cast a vote For Anybody.

      In the world of retail shopping, the idea of "buyer's remorse" is the bane of the return desk of department stores everywhere. There is nothing wrong with the three hundred dollar watch, it fits, it is the right color, it tells time, and so on, the problem is with the person who, as a happy shopper, or perhaps, as a depressed shopper, made an impulse buy, and now, the next day, realizes they do not need it, and cannot afford it. And now. And now they are returning it.

      We won't talk about that mysterious 'restocking fee' that magically appears on your receipt when they give you your refund. No, we'll leave that for another time.

      That sort of remorse is hardly the case with our current topic. Casting a vote for a major political office should not be an impulsive act. No, it shouldn't.
      We're not talking about some third string county office most people couldn't find on a bet. Or for the school board, as an example- answer this question: "how often does your local district have a school board election?"
      No, for this, we are talking about Governor. US Representative and Senator. And President.
      One should have some idea who, and what, one is voting for when you check the box, or push the chad, or whatever, for those offices. Their positions and ideas are splashed all over TV and radio for months ahead of the election. Their websites go into microscopic detail about them and their opponents and if there is nothing on some particular issue, they'll have page of banal nonsense to make you feel good about them anyway.

      Maybe that's what it was.

      Many of the people who now will not talk about politics are good, hard working, law abiding, and even religious people. Veterans. Long time union members. Retired teachers and current line workers.
      And the vast majority of the ones that fit into the category we're looking at were, and some still are, registered Democrats who feel betrayed by their own party.
      A few are Republicans who are just as disgusted because those who they thought stood for something only stand for themselves, and re-election, while they now 'reach across the aisle' to pass bills that they once spoke harshly against.

      Most 'left leaning voters' were told all their lives that the Democrats are for the real people and the Republicans are only for Big Business and the rich.
      And they believed the union organizers and ministers and party insiders who told them that.

      And now. Especially with the Supreme Court Ruling, or non-ruling, that came down in early October of 2014. They have had to bite the bullet.

      The party that they have supported with votes, time, and cash donations, and even the occasional shouting match and fist fight, simply isn't Their Democratic Party. It hasn't been for a long time. And now they can't ignore it any longer.

      The Democratic Party that is currently in power is the Party of Gay Marriage, of legal pot for all, of coddling illegal immigrants with tax money, and giving lip service to terrorists who are promising to kill everybody they possibly can.

      Yes, there have always been homosexuals around. There is mention of them in the Books of Moses for crying out loud. But, before, it was always in San Francisco or something, not here. Now, they want to use the women's restrooms!
      Yes, there was always the abortion thing, but, that was a "woman's issue" and they didn't know anybody that had had one, and it always seemed far away.
... ... ...
      Yes, there was always the welfare thing, but that was an "inner city" thing and they didn't know anybody who had bought a luxury car with food stamps.
      Yes there was always the anti-gun thing, but the NRA always countered that and, really, a little gun control was a good thing, even if it didn't slow the bad guys down at all.
      And, yeah,
      Global warming. Or is it Climate Change? Yeah, they're all about that. And the celebrity types are so concerned they take their charted jets halfway around the world to ride the 'green bus' in to town for the talks. Then take a limo back to the airport while the politicians promise to put the coal miners out of work.

      But now?

      But now you have school districts putting abortion on the Health Class curriculum right alongside washing your hands to avoid the flu.

      But now you have the Homosexual activists running the Boy Scouts and gays in line at the courthouse to get marriage licenses. Then there is the law that will let them use women's rest rooms. And we won't talk about what the gays have done to health class, even in elementary grades, to promote 'the gay lifestyle'. Not to mention how many are in the Catholic Church and are forcing it to change its stand on the issue.

      Now you have a sign in the vacant store next to the laundromat that says somebody wants to turn it into a marijuana dispensary.

      Now the Federal Government has been paying the room bill for a bunch of illegal immigrants to stay in motels in places the voters can't afford to go on vacation.

      Now, you have to buy new lighting fixtures because you can't get bulbs for the ones you've got, and there is a new tax or fee on everything to promote green-ness, so you have to go without because there's no more green in your paycheck. And then, to make it even better, the power company raises the rate because they're selling less electricity and making less money!

      Now, instead of the Progressive Agenda being something that was for people in San Francisco and Atlanta and Chicago, now it was in their home town and directly impacting them and their lives while their tax money went directly to causes and groups they disprove of.

      Evidently, when the more recent Democrat Politicians talked about making all these changes to get votes from wide-eyed liberals on the college campuses and in Hollywood, they weren't just talking the usual nonsense that they'd been spouting since the Seventies.

      And now these same Middle America Democrats are wondering if voting for a Democrat was a SIN.

      Yes, these people who feel like this still believe in that archaic idea of sin. A crime against the Law and Will of God.

      And while they may not like marijuana, and they might even feel sorry for some of the migrant laborers that may not have absolutely proper paperwork, and they may have questions about man-made global warming, They're OK with it if you want to do it in the privacy of your own home.

      But they also believe, and if they are anything under the general umbrella of mainstream Christianity, and yes, even Judaism and Islam, they are correct, that Homosexuality and abortion are a Sin that will eventually erode the moral fiber of society because they directly involve another person, and with abortion, the primary other person involved is, by definition, an Innocent.

      Yes, there are some religious leaders of all three faiths who teach that there is nothing wrong with either, but, there are also some religious leaders of all three faiths that tell you that nothing bad will ever happen to you, if your faith is strong enough, and if you write their ministry a check once a month.

Bottom line time

      So, is Voting for a Politician, ANY Politician, from ANY party, or supporting a political party itself for that matter, that openly supports the overall Homosexual agenda (which involves spreading the behavior directly to children through things like the schools, the scouts, TV programs and so on), and who directly supports abortion, including, as many do, late term abortions right up to the moment labor begins (Both of which impact the lives and well being of those innocents we mentioned.), and all the rest of it, a sin?

      Let's restate that one more time, without the run on sentence. For A Christian, is voting for a Democrat a Sin?

      And to be fair, is voting for any Pro-Abortion, Pro-Homosexual politician of any party a sin?

      Well. That would be up to the conscience of the individual voter.

      If you are feeling guilty about it or having buyer's remorse over your last couple of trips to the polling place, then, for you, it may be something you need to pray about.

      But how much worse would your attack of conscience be if you didn't vote at all?

      There is still time to turn America back to its roots.

"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever."
- Thomas Jefferson (1743 1826)


[NOTE: The Desk is registered as a Conservative Independent Libertarian. It has never voted for a winning candidate in any major election, although it votes in every major election. thank you]

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