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Editorial from Dr. Leftover
(The views expressed are his own, no reflection on anything else should be assumed.)

In case you haven't noticed, Matt Drudge and his staff are actively attempting to destroy the credibility of the news aggregator site known as

For the last dozen years or so, Drudge's site has either led or been ranked in the top handful of news sites such as CNN, Reuters, MSNBC and other news related sources.

For the last couple of months, Drudge's flagship site, except for instances that demanded other attention, such as Hurricane Matthew and moments with The Caliphate, the prime spot on the page has been dominated by anti-Hillary Clinton news.

The problem is, what has been posted as true has sometimes been shown to be false.

Now don't get the Desk wrong here, there IS plenty of 'fire' under the smoke of "high crimes and misdemeanors" committed by Both parties usually thought of as "the Clintons". But Mr. Drudge has made a sport out of posting the latest gossip and rumor as an indictable offense. And some of them have turned out to be more wishful thinking than felony.

The working question is that, whatever wins in November, and in this election cycle, that is the correct term to use, how long will it take Drudge's only web presence worth talking about to reclaim the high ground it once held.

And that, as it were, is the view from the cheap seats.

Doc L

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