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Utility Warnings and Disclaimers

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The Desk ended up with most of these pictures after a recent trip. Since they seemed to be in the general theme of Public Utilities, it made a special page for them. -enjoy

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Power cut off

Gas cut off
A pair of giant, economy size cut offs for a health care facility.
NOTE: these units face the main parking lot, so everybody walking into the building will be aware of where they are...
just in case something needs to be cut off.

Yes, just in case you were wondering, the next three were taken very early one morning...
Power Company lockout on pole.
While this may not technically be a 'Lock Out' since it is not on on the power panel, the idea is the same.
Just in case you cannot read upside down the tag says:
DANGER, ON MANUAL do not reclose or remove this tag unless ordered by the functional authority (see reverse side). HAZARD.

No Trespassing sign
A classic. In this case the sign is protecting a pipeline right of way.

orange highway barrel at night
It was just a pretty picture the way the camera flash made the barrel light up. Don't you agree?

telephone cabinet stickers
New sticker over old sticker, gotta love recycling.
OK, the picture is crooked, just pretend it is a shot of a politician.

various warnings
A collection of warning devices and alarm activators in an office building.

signs on a door
Signs on a door to the visitors center in York, PA.

signs on a door
Warning tags in Multiple Languages (English was on the back!) from a new water cooler.

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