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The Desk's Photo Essays

For the FIRST TIME all collected together on One Page!
NOTE: Several of these are posted on outside servers due to the large file size of the pictures.
There is even a photo page for the Disclaimer Collection!

A "Grand Old Lady" of the Theater gets a 'facelift'-
The Fischer in Danville, IL, USA

A Night and a Day on a TRAIN

The 2012 Polar Bear Plunge Cake Off

SPECIAL COVERAGE New Orleans - Article
And FIVE Photo Pages

Charity Photoessay: Toys For Tots 2010!

Event Coverage! Major Photoessay!
Dover Race The Desk and Mrs. Desk cover a car for a sponsor!
With two pages of Pictures!

A Day out with the Dock Dogs! Yes, Dock Dogs.... just go see.

The 2009 Snow Hill Fiber Festival Article with two photo pages.

It was just another Thursday for a Cyber Security Photoessay... that moved to a homeless shelter... yes indeed.

The FUZZIEST photo essay ever.

The NYC Special Edition Warnings and Disclaimers Photo Page

The 2007 Delaware Technology Conference

The Desk covers a professional Photoshoot with Mrs. Desk doing the shooting!

The 14th Edition of FARPOINT Feb 2007, with picture page.

Delaware Technology Conference 2006
Article and Photos

Old Dover Days 2006 With Pictures and DEFECTIVE DUCKIES.

FARPOINT 2005 2 pages of pictures!

The RAVEN'S Toys For Tots Drive

Farpoint 2004... with Pics and an article about How the Desk does what it does!

Not Exactly a Desk Photoessay... But the Desk doesn't know exactly what else to call it...
The Desk tried to Explain Theatrical Blackface to its daughters. with uncertain results

AUGUST 2002!
Maryland Renaissance Festival
great picture of the QUEEN!

The Desk Covers SHORELEAVE 2002
this one is hosted on the Desk's page on Angelfire.

The Desk goes out on a Field Day with the sixth grade and a Teacher of the Year... On Geocities
[FURTHER NOTE: Geocites has a very low transfer threshold on their bandwidth. If the message says that the Desk's usage has exceeded their limit, try again later. Like the Desk said, the PICTURES are HUGE!]

Notes from Old Dover Days. And why the Desk isn't a Photographer. Also on Geocities.

A bit about the RELAY FOR LIFE 2002.
AND! Relay 2001 Story and pics.
Both are on Tripod

The 2001 Community Day for the Little Creek Fire Company Picture Pages are on Tripod as well.

SHEPHERD PLACE Homeless Shelter fire damage pictures!
Posted on the Desk's Pages on FreeWebSpace. Coming Eventually Pictures of the New Building!

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