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"for the kids"

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       Just a couple of guys in costume, a few high school kids, three dogs, and a few others.

       Nobody would take them seriously, right?

       What could a motley group like this do? Two sci-fi clubs, kids from two different high schools, a hound dog rescue outfit, and the freelancer for this site.

       Well. There was this need .... See... and ...

       The local Marine Corps League didn't have enough toys to fill the local need. And by some accounts, they were way behind. And don't look now... the Holiday Season is upon us.

       The Garrison Carida of the 501st Legion is a group of fans of the Star Wars movies who have formed a Costuming Group and now dress up in the armor of the Empire and make appearances at various events and do visits to Children's Hospitals and things like that.

       The USS RAVEN is the local chapter of the International Federation of Trekkers. Their very charter required them to do a charity function almost every month of the year.

       Campus Community High School and Caesar Rodney High School students are encouraged to do community service work. And as one of the C-R students also happens to be in the junior ROTC, he has to.

       Bassett Rescue Of Old Dominion (BROOD) has a member and local contact that seems to enjoy showing off the dogs, helping other outfits, and raising awareness for her own group. And the dogs are hams for attention.

       The Media Desk has been known to promote both the groups that do charity work, and as one of the RAVEN crew, go out and actually do the work, and do an occassional story on the charities the groups support.

       So, "for the kids", the Star Wars people, and the Star Trek people, and the High School people, and the Dog people, and the Desk got it all together and carried it up to the local Toys R Us for the day.
       And for this event it was going to write up a bunch of quotes, and go into fine detail about the donations, and describe the lunch rotation, and even try to explain the Old Marine and the coffee. But... nobody would believe it. The Desk was there, and it doesn't believe how pretty women could not resist the Stormtroopers, and other things.
       The pictures linked below tell the story better than the Desk ever could.

       The bottom line. Over four shopping carts full of toys collected. Three hundred dollars in cash donated.
       Toys for Tots is now AHEAD of their yearly total. A lot of needy children will have a good holiday. And they will never know it was the people on the street and a bunch of guys in costumes and the dog ladies, and the students that worked, and the people that donated and spent their hard earned money. Not to mention Manager Jim and the rest of the crew of the Dover Toys R Us that made it happen for them.


       It was "For the kids."

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