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Dover Toys for Tots Drive, 2006

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      Once again the RAVEN crew turned out to assist the US MARINES and the kids from Campus Community High School to collect.....

the toys for tots banner

      And collect they did!
      Although the official total is not in yet, a quick estimate as things were being wrapped up for the day put the total somewhere between 350 and 400 individual toys. Which will go a long way to helping a lot of kids have a much better holiday than they would have otherwise.

      For those that don't know....
      Toys for Tots is the United States Marine Corps children's charity, spearheaded by the local Marine Reserve units and assisted by both the Young Marines, various ROTC groups, and even Active Duty Marines. It has been the primary outreach vehicle for the USMC since it went nationwide in 1948.
      New unwrapped toys are collected through boxes placed in various businesses beginning a couple of months before Christmas and drives like the one the RAVEN assists in every year. Other organizations such as churches and school groups also collect toys and cash to assist the Marines with their effort.

      And we'll all do it again next year as well. We hope to see you there!

One of the Young Marines that helped out
The young Marines were out in force. This one is setting up the cups full of goodies that were given to those that donated.

banner and table
There was no doubt what was going on that day.

The Marines
The Marines, past present and future were there to work for the cause.

Everybody. People, Marines, Raven crew
The People, the Marines and the USS RAVEN Crew in action.

The Desk at work
The Desk helped train the Young Marines on the finer points of running the table and boxing toys. After five or six years of these things, the RAVEN crew and the Desk are good at it.

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Campus Community High School. a Delaware Charter School

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