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The RAVEN will be dedicating this year's
American Cancer Society Relay For Life
To Mrs. Desk and her battle.
Lumanary bag for Melissa with graphic of RAVEN starship
Donations toward that cause in her name at any Time are appreciated. thank you

NEW Sci-Fi Novel
ORIGINAL Non Series Based STAR TREK fan fiction.
The Station and the Patrol

An article ABOUT, TO and FOR the IFT Council

SPECIAL REPORT Homeless Shelter Food Drive! "Another Can of BEANS!"

USS RAVEN (IFT) newsletter articles-
The Editor REJECTED the Desk's look at Inconsistency.

SEPTEMBER- How to Explain the RAVEN to Everybody Else.

August- RUMOR CONTROL The Desk Denies Everything It Can!

JUNE- The Desk says Goodbye Man that Killed a Spider.

The MAY Newsletter Submission The Mission of Science Fiction

April Submission 'Screaming'

Big Ted and Gene's Dream Star Trek and War.

They're Here... again The Desk looks at what might happen when the Space Aliens land!

Older Stuff

The Desk had to update its Profile

Questions about many things TREK answered.

When News Ain't News!

The Fictional History of the USS RAVEN (IFT). The International Federation of Trekkers

    STAR TREK Fan Fiction like you've never seen before!
    ...what she told me was so outrageous, so unexpected, I laughed...
       "The Borg need your assistance to prepare us to assimilate the Q Continuum..."
    NOTE: This is a NON-SERIES-BASED Short Story.
    For more Star Trek Fan Fiction by the Desk see:
    The Station and the Patrol a novel length work

    Dear Diary the Borg story
    The Good OLD Ship JUPITOR a short story


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