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The Station & The Patrol

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"Get lost in another universe for awhile"

Intro and Index

      This will take some explaining.

      OK. First. Yes, this is a Science Fiction Novel based on the Star Trek universe. More exactly, it is set in the timeframe of DS9 just before the end of the series. The Post- Next Generation era. But, it is NOT based on any series. No main character or ship from any series is used, and only a few scattered references are made to the situations and people/things in the TV shows and movies in the entire story, other than some non-recurrent characters and equipment borrowed from every series from the Original to Voyager. No Mr. Spock, No Captain Picard, No Prophets from the Wormhole, No Seven of Nine. No NCC 1701-nothing.
      Once more for the record and those easily confused, this is NOT a Series Based Story

      Next item.
      This story is actually THREE stories set in One Location, mostly. The first occurs far in the past, but it is only one small section, almost an introduction, but it is important to the story being told. The second is midway through the window of history we are dealing with. The final section occurs right at the end of that window. Yes ‘the Patrol’ comes and goes, but they always return to our base and it becomes very important to them.

      OK, yes, the Federation and Star Fleet have their Prime Directive and fancy words like that.
      Oh, well.
      If the Patrol were operating in the here and now, they would be called ‘Black Ops’ or Special Forces, and the politicians and string pullers would deny they knew anything about it while assigning them things to do.

      Lastly. And the answer to an actual question.
      Does the Media Desk think Star Fleet would operate like this?
      It is a Military outfit. There are certain things inherent in a military, even a military this far in the future. Bureaucrats, red tape, and nearly nonsensical and possibly contradictory orders and directives. You see it in a few episodes of every series. (Remember the paper pusher in ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’ in the Original Series?)

      Now, why write this?
      Pure, simple, unadulterated, unashamed, willful, even gleeful: Escapism.
For More Answers To The Above Question See: The Mission of Science Fiction.

      Any more questions?

      SL-374-II: The Station and The Patrol begins below:

enjoy- Dr. Leftover

           (Based on STAR TREK, by Gene Roddenberry)


      "Welcome Aboard!"

      "Well, we don't get too many visitors. In fact, since I've been here, you are the second to stop by just to see what we do. Although when Commander Straider was here they had a few. Commander Klastor doesn't welcome tourists, it's her background to be a little xenophobic." The smiling officer smiled.
      "This isn't the high glamour and adventure post like a Sovereign or Galaxy class exploration ship, or even a center of activity like a Deep Space station someplace. Of course, we don't get shot at a lot too.
      "We go for weeks without anything happening other than routine duty." He looked around the station like he wanted something unusual to happen. It didn't.
      "But then at times, things get right lively around here. We are an 'at need' post. And we survived the cutbacks because Star Fleet realized we are needed. Transit vessels pull in here with space sick passengers, supply ships scream for assistance when they are halfway from anywhere and realize they forgot to refuel, and occasionally some privateer or pirate will try something stupid and we get a mayday call from an automated cargo mule. We've even had one of those big cruisers limp in here after they ran into a quantum filament or something, they were glad to see us then let me tell you!" He laughed for a second, then took a breath and continued.
      "Our people patrol the space lanes between several major ports and look after touristy spots like the Malorian Glow Clouds, you've got to see them before you go.
      "But let me show you a couple of things that have happened since I've been here. You can use this console to see the logs. When you're done, I'll be around to answer anything you might want to know."


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      Legal stuff below.

[NOTE:This Story Is FAN FICTION. This presentation carries the copyright The Media Desk, 2005. Author retains all rights, including the right of approval for publication. STAR TREK, and all images and situations affiliated with STAR TREK are originally owned and copyrighted by PARAMOUNT STUDIOS and other entities. They are used in this story without intent to harm or otherwise defame PARAMOUNT or the estate of Gene Roddenberry. If either of those parties object to it, the story will be pulled immediately. The Media Desk is not in any way affiliated with PARAMOUNT. For information contact Levite. Email- drleftover[~at-]themediadesk[~dot-]com (email scrambled to screw with spammer robots), or surface mail to: The Media Desk, PO Box 1276, Dover, DE 19903 ]

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