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The Patrol part 11

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      Commander Klastor directed the repairs and made a few changes as they went.
      "I've got an idea for that cargo bay." Lieutenant Davis said.
      "No I'm not going to request a full size holodeck."
      "No ma'am. I was thinking about expanding it into a bulk transfer dock."
      She stood there and looked at him.
      He continued with enthusiasm. "The entire door mechanism needs to be replaced. So we just extend it out five meters, install a whole new dock assembly instead of just a door, and there you go!"
      She laughed, "And you happen to have a bulk transfer portal in your locker."
      "Well, I talked to Kavel, and, well, when they get back...."
      "You've already made arrangements to make a major addition to my station without my knowledge or consent."
      He stalled for a second. "Well, essentially.... Yes, ma'am."

      "Well, how about that?" Jeap said as they worked in the fighter launch area.
      "How about what?" Ensign Matthews said, then he saw what Jeap had exclaimed about. "Matthews to Commander Klastor."
      "Klastor here."
      "Sir. I think you need to see this."
      "What is it?" She replied.
      "You wouldn't believe it if we told you." Jeap said to his communicator.
      "On our way." She said nodding to Davis to come with her.

      In a couple of minutes they met Matthews at the shield door to the fighter bay. "Over here." He said leading them behind the launch racks.
      "Well, how about that?" Davis said getting an eyeful.
      "Did you know this was here?" Klastor said to Jeap and the others.
      "No. Never seen any mention of it."
      "Does any of it work?"
      "We'll find out." Davis said.

      What the blue energy field had uncovered was a three deck tall room full of the old subspace beacon and relay equipment from back when the station was an actual starbase. During the refurbishing to a patrol base, they had simply sealed the room off. The equipment was even then out of date, not worth removing, not needed anywhere else, and the space it occupied wasn't required by the station. The doors were covered over, the equipment isolated, and the fact of its existence, forgotten.
      Now, twenty-five years later, the room was rediscovered. And there were other things that could be done with some of the equipment.
      "What is all of this stuff?" Commander Klastor asked them.
      Matthews took a gangway to the upper level, Davis went down a service ladder to the lower floor. Jeap was opening panels and inspecting ID plates.
      "This is a power conditioner." Jeap said. "It's fifty years old, but it should still work. These were built to last." He patted a squat piece of machinery.
      Davis was examining something else. "This is a signal converter. From old low frequency subspace to long-range high energy subspace." He grinned at them, "These were in service when my grandfather was in the service."
      Klastor was inspecting a large control panel. "This." She said and pushed several buttons. "It still works." She said. "We're not transmitting. I don't think."
      Davis answered, "No, but we are receiving. We've got two non-working antennas."
      Matthews announced his finding. "This is the original navigational beacon. Low power transducer, non-directional, random repeat. What an antique."
      Jeap laughed. "Somebody tell the boy that that's still the standard hardware on about half the shipping lanes in the quadrant."
      "No thanks, you tell him." Davis said.
      "Now. Is any of this stuff something we can use whole or in pieces?" She asked them.
      The three started talking at once.
      In a minute she shut the control panel off and shook her head. "I'll take that as a yes." She said walking back into the launch bay where two fighters were being readied for a patrol.

      The black ship arrived a couple of days later.
      After a reunion the Commander showed the Colonel the relay room.
      "Boy this brings back some memories. One of my first jobs was installing the power grids to things like this." He opened the incoming conduit panel. "Oh yeah, straight shot to the core, live plasma feed." He looked down through the pipes and optical cables. "This has possibilities." He grinned.
      "You're planning on making changes to my station too."
      He picked her up and smashed his mouth into hers, when they released each other both of their lips were bleeding, "Yeah, but you'll like my changes."

      It took about a week before everything was done.
      Not only did the station have it's bulk cargo access, but the top level of the old relay installation was the largest holographic facility within a dozen light years, the middle deck became an advanced fighter maintenance bay, which the station sorely needed, with the lower deck turning into an actual central engineering section.
      "Well?" Davis asked Commander Klastor. "What do you think of our changes to your station?"
      She looked at everybody. Wan clinked nervously, Matthews smiled, Jeap nodded at her. Finally the Colonel prompted her, "She loves it."
      "I like it." She said with her face fully flying the Klingon flag. She glanced at them with a slight grin, "I like it a lot."

      The celebration took place in the brand new holodeck. There was a band playing an odd variety of jazz. Replicated food was available by the plate load. Even Wan got into the mood and stood near the band rocking and banging to the music.
      Rontel had had enough party, she found Matthews and told him she needed assistance in her quarters.
      Aashth had the holodeck computer recreate a Ninja warrior and was putting on a demonstration of rapier work with it.
      Commander Klastor watched for a few minutes, then she had the machine materialize a Klingon long sword, she tapped Aashth on the shoulder and nodded to the artificial fighter. Where the Ninja was silent, Klingon's are rather vocal. The two contrasting styles battled to a draw.
      "Computer, Scottish warrior with Claymore." Aashth said.
      The computer responded immediately. "Highland or Lowland."
      "One of each." He grinned and picked up his rapier.
      Klastor looked at him with uncertainty, then their enemies appeared.
      The fierceness of the battle brought the party to a halt as everybody watched. But before long, both of the computer-generated challengers were down for the count.
      The Commander was soaked with sweat but exuberant.
      The Colonel rewarded her with a tall mug of blood wine.
      "Thank you. These were more difficult than the figures in the holosuites."
      The Colonel grinned. "I gave you a copy of the database and programs based on the enhanced Galaxy-Starbase model."
      She drank her wine and smiled. "We'll enjoy it for a long time."
      He pulled her close, "I hope you will."
      Then they left the party too.


      The next day there was a knock on the Colonel's door.
      "Yes." He answered.
      "Sir." Kavel said walking in slowly.
      "What's wrong?" The Colonel was getting all manner of strong emotions from him.
      "I just got a transmission from my brother."
      The Colonel made a face, "I didn't know you two even stayed in contact."
      "We don't. He sent it out over the general frequency. He doesn't know where I am or how to get directly to me." Kavel took a deep breath.
      "If you can't explain it, could you show me the message?" He felt the conflict in him.
      "No, it's all right, I shouldn't have come to you. It's a family problem."
      The Colonel didn't let it go. "You're here. You're my engineer and my friend. We've been through Hell together. At least tell me what's going on and if I can even just give you some lousy advice, its what I want to do, what I need to do for you."
      "Yeah. OK." Kavel turned to the display. "Replay message from Jorgess."
      The computer was silent for a second, then an image of Kavel's brother appeared. It was clear they were brothers although Jorgess was several years older than the engineer. "Jussin. I don't know how to tell you this, so I'll just tell you. Chareese has been stolen. Somebody kidnapped her entire class at the school. The Colony called an emergency and contacted the Federation, and they say they're working on it. But it's been a whole day already. There's no leads, no clues. I don't know what to do. I haven't even called mother yet." His eyes were cloudy. "But I had to tell you first, she was always talking about the gifts you'd send her, and the images from your travels..." His voice broke and he looked away from the camera for a second. "If you can call somebody, maybe find something out. I'm sending you the list and images of the girls in the class." He bit his lip and reached for the camera. The screen changed to an attractive young woman with a surprising resemblance to the younger Kavel brother.
      The Colonel stared at it. His face turned to stone. He reached for the control panel that was part of his desk.
      He touched a bright gold button.
      "Where's this colony?" The Colonel asked Kavel.

      The black ship was screaming through space at maximum coaxial warp.
      The Patrol stood on the bridge and stared at the images of the missing girls.
      "All between the human ages of thirteen and eighteen. All of primarily human lineage." The Colonel said.
      "I smell a Ferringi." Aashth said.
      "Not their style. They want mature women. These are girls." Kavel said.
      "Then who?" Aashth said as the picture changed to another girl.
      "We'll find out. Wan. ETA?"
      "System in eighteen minutes, orbit in twenty-three." The cyborg answered.
      "Let's get it together." The Colonel said.
      "Thank you all. No matter what happens. Thank you." Kavel said.
      "You go see your brother. We'll see what we can find out." The Colonel said as Marot put her arm around him.

      At his brother's apartment Kavel sat and nodded to his brother. "If anything can be found, my friends will find it."
      Jorgess nodded. "I don't know who you work for, and I understand you can't tell me, but if there is anything I can do to help." He sighed and took his wife's hand.
      "Thank you Jussin." She said to him with a face that hadn't had a moment's peace in two days.
      "It's no trouble Chalee. Let me go see if they've found anything so far. I'll stay in touch." He said.
      As they walked to the door the bell on it rang.
      Kavel smiled at her. "This is Marot, she's one of my friends."
      "Good to meet you, I wish it could have been under other circumstances." Chalee said to the dark woman with the deep eyes.
      Marot smiled. "We found something. If you would care to come with us, our other friend thinks he may be able to find who took the girls."
      "Let's go." Jorgess said. "What should we do?"
      "Hold hands." Kavel said to them. He touched his communicator. "Bring us up."
      The Kavel's and Marot materialized in a large room that seemed to be a large reception room.
      Marot smiled at them. "We're on the ship, you can make yourselves comfortable here. When we find the girls, we'll beam them directly in here unless they need medical attention. We'll put the kidnappers in the brig."
      Jorgess seemed concerned. "You're not planning on turning them over to the authorities?"
      "Our other friend has plans for them, and they do not involve the local authorities." Kavel said to his brother.
      "If the girls have been harmed..." Chalee trailed off with dread in her eyes.
      "They have already been harmed. Stolen from their school and taken from their home planet's system." Marot said.
      "From the system?" Jorgess said.
      "As soon as we got here, we left orbit and jumped to... well, a very high warp." Marot said.
      "I'd better go check on the engines." Kavel said.
      His brother nodded, "You go do your duty. We'll wait here."

      The Colonel was glaring at the screen. "Is that it?"
      Aashth nodded. "Yup. They have a crew of twenty-one. And I'm reading over a hundred human female life signs. Eighteen of them match Kavel's niece and her class."
      "Slavers." Wan said.
      The Colonel nodded. "And not very good ones."
      "They've gotten away with it so far." Rontel said to him.
      "Because they've had a lot of help." The Colonel said. "Let's get the girl's back and close this bunch down." He turned to Aashth. "I want their database. Transmit it to everybody in range."
      "Getting it now."
      "Kavel, lock onto every human female on the ship and get them out of there."
      "Working on it Colonel. They've got a scattering field up." He was silent for a minute. "OK, punching through."
      "One shot, I want them all out of there at once."
      "Give me a minute."
      "They've seen us, their shields will be up in a second." Aashth said.
      "Won't matter. One hundred seven humanoid females on board. That's all of them."
      "Kavel and Marot, you have guests." The Colonel said to the comm.
      Rontel spoke up. "We're being hailed."
      The Colonel reached for his gloves. "Put them on."
      A being with a nose that covered half its face glared from the screen.
      "This is H'brite, I am the First of the Farcross Trader. We are under the flag of the Herog..."
      The Colonel cut him off and got right to the point. "You're claiming the humans on your ship were willing passengers?"
      H'brite didn't break his gaze. "We are conducting a passenger mission for our client."
      H'brite didn't answer.
      The Colonel looked at Aashth. "Who's he working for?"
      "Magnus Obaum Thera. He's on the Portnob deep space base waiting for his shipment."
      H'brite's eyes expanded to three times their original size. "How did you know that?"
      "Doesn't matter." The Colonel said to him. "I don't care if you live or die. I want Magnus Thera."
      "He will kill us for failing him." H'Brite said as his eyes returned to normal.
      "Him or me. Your choice."
      H'brite's eyes got smaller. "The Magnus will not be quick." He hung his head. "We are already dead."
      The Colonel looked at the First. "I'm not going to waste my energy on you." He nodded to Wan, "Set course for the Portnob station."
      "I will attack your ship!" H'brite screamed.
      "Go for it." The Colonel sat down, "Shut him off. While you're at it, jam his communications so he can't call home. Maximum speed to Portnob."

      The trader fired on the black ship, which didn't even seem to mind. Then it was gone.
      His pilot looked at him with wide eyes. "Where do we go?"
      H'brite sputtered his lips. "We must go elsewhere. Set course for the Cardassian border, we'll make contact with the Marquis."

      "Portnob station, twelve minutes." Wan said.
      "Find anything on the Magnus yet?" The Colonel asked Aashth.
      "He likes to wear old military uniforms, he's had a hair transplant, and his favorite breakfast is orrsach and biscuits with Thedian tea."
      Rontel grinned, "How often does he go to the bathroom?"
      "Every three hours, like clockwork." Aashth said seriously.
      "He's very thorough." The Colonel smiled at her.
      "In range." Wan said. The station came up on the screen.
      "Now what? Do we knock down their shields and beam him over here for interrogation?" Rontel said.
      "It's a thought." The Colonel said. "Instead. Let's approach it like the trader." He keyed the comm. "Mr. Kavel, can you make us look like that trader we had that pleasant conversation with?"
      "Yes, sir. Give me a minute to get to engineering."
      "You got it. Let me know when we're configured."

      In the huge holodeck Kavel let go of his niece and smiled his brother at the others. "I'm needed."
      Marot was up to her shoulders, literally, in trying to identify the other girls and where they had been taken from.
      There was only one question they all asked. "Are you going to take us home?"
      "OK Colonel, telemetry coming up, shields, projection holding. We're ready."
      "Very good, sir. How's your niece?" The Colonel replied to the comm.
      "Wonderful Colonel. Thank you."
      "Our pleasure. Now to distribute some good old fashioned justice." He tugged at his gloves to make sure they were good and tight. "Make me look and sound like First H'brite. Hail them."
      It took a minute to get the Magnus on the line. "You have the correct number this time I presume?"
      "Yes, Magnus."
      "One Hundred. No less."
      "I got a few extra Magnus." The Colonel said trying to convey sheepishness in his manner.
      "Very good. You may impress me, eventually." The Magnus's face was unreadable. "But I doubt it."
      "Yes, Magnus."
      "My harem ship will arrive on schedule. Hold them until it arrives, I will inspect them upon transfer, then you will be paid."
      "Yes, Magnus." The Colonel said with downcast eyes.
      The Magnus broke the transmission.
      "While you two were chatting, I accidentally copied the station's database and intercepted their other communications traffic." Aashth said.
      "I've got to speak to you about respecting other's privacy." The Colonel said to his with a grin. "And, just what interesting bits did you glean from your misdeed?"
      "Two other Magnus's of the Forseesian Group have harems now. The largest has thirty-five women in it. A few of the ones in each are young human females. They're regarded as a status symbol."
      "And this one." The Colonel jerked his head toward the screen where the station sat. "Wants to go over the top with a hundred."
      "Wonderful being. Remind me to send him a Federation Day card." Rontel said.
      "Save your postage. This Magnus just gave up his title. Send your information to the Federation Ambassador to the Forseesian's, or whatever they have over there. When his harem ship gets here, call me." The Colonel stalked off the bridge.
      The passage door closed behind the Colonel.
      Aashth looked at Wan and Rontel. "So, what do you think he's going to do to the Magnus?"
      "Blow up ship. And Magnus."
      "At least." Rontel said.
      Aashth grinned.

      "This is our leader." Kavel said to his brother.
      "A pleasure sir." Jorgess said taking the man's gloved hand.
      "Your brother is an irreplaceable asset to my team." The Colonel had his charm full on. "How are they doing?" He looked at the swarm of young women and girls of every description possible under the general heading of 'human'.
      "They'll be all right." Chalee said to him. "Is what they have been telling us true?"
      "It seems to be. But we will make it right in short order." The Colonel paused and looked at the girls. "I can't take them all back to wherever they came from. We'll take them back to your colony, transport can be arranged from there." He said. "Could you handle things on that end for us?"
      "I would be honored, sir. I will look after them as if they were my own."
      "Thank you. I have an upcoming battle to see to." He bowed slightly to the couple. "Mr. Kavel, I will need you in the engine room. Bring the shields to full when the other ship comes into range and disengage our deception."
      "Yes, sir."

      "Colonel. Transport approaching. It is the harem ship." Aashth said.
      The Colonel came out of his office.
      "Junk it is." Wan evaluated the ship.
      "No, junk it will be. Mr. Kavel, drop our illusion. Beam the crew to the station, blow up that ship."
      "Sir, confirm order." Aashth said.
      "Confirmed. Beam them out. Destroy the harem ship. Then hail the Magnus." He glanced at Rontel. "Prepare a holding cell. Wan, lay in a course to the nearest Starbase then to the colony."
      The orders were carried out instantly.
      The harem ship became a glowing cloud of dust.
      "Who are you?" The Magnus demanded, "Where's First H'brite?"
      "Put him in the cell." The Colonel said without answering him.
      The man on the screen vanished in a flash of fuzzy energy.
      Suddenly the station was firing on the black ship.
      The Colonel didn't seem impressed. "Attention Portnob Station. Unless you want us to destroy your station, you will cease fire."
      The black ship's shields took another burst from the station.
      "Did they hear that?" The Colonel asked Aashth.
      "Yes, and they are hailing."
      "This is First D'schtart. Return Magnus Thera at once, or we will destroy you! I have called for reinforcements."
      "They can clean up the mess."
      "You will not return the Magnus?" D'schtart screamed from the screen.
      More weapons fired on the black ship from the station.
      The Colonel turned toward Wan and Aashth. "Don't destroy the station. Disable it, take out their weapons and communications and let's get out of here."
      "Locking on, all yours Wan." Aashth said.
      The black ship fired several bursts of blue and red energy at the station. Then it wheeled in space and left. The First on the station still screaming into his console about them returning his boss.

      Starbase 190 was very happy to see Magnus Thera.
      "Sorry Magnus, Portnob Station is in a Federation protectorate system, and it is subject to Federation laws. Especially when there is a question of kidnapping Federation citizens and dealing in slave trafficking." The Federation Legal Counsel told him in his cell on the station.
      The Counsel took the testemony of Kavel's niece and several dozen of the others. That, with the database from the Farcross Trader, and the station, it was an open and shut case against him. "But I do not intend to prosecute him here."
      "Wise decision." The Magnus spouted still swaggering.
      "No. I intend to extradite him to one of the worlds some of the women came from. Namely, say, Rigel, or the Solerus Home Colony."
      The Colonel smiled now. "Very good idea."
      "You see Magnus. All I could get for you would be many years on a penal colony. However. On Rigel, kidnapping somebody from the Royal Household, even if it is just a distant cousin, as two of your girls were, is a capitol offense. Once convicted, and run through an appeal through the Prime Minister, who happens to also be in the Royal Family, summery execution is swiftly carried out."
      The Magnus lost some of his swagger, but not all of it. "The Chief of the Forseesian Group will not stand for this. He will demand my release!"
      The Colonel laughed at him as he took off his gloves. "Your chief, when handed the information on what you and three other Magnus's were doing disavowed the whole matter and lifted your title. He formally signed you over to Federation Justice."
      He hung his head and seemed to sigh.

      The black ship, now appearing as a small Star Fleet transport prepared to beam its passengers down to the colony.
      "Thank you sir. Thank you all." Jorgess said to the Colonel and the others.
      "Our pleasure." The Colonel said.
      Kavel hugged his sister in law and his niece. "He means it. Putting scum like that out of business is one of the things we enjoy doing."
      "There's a reward coming from the Rigelian's." Jorgess said. "And some of the others."
      "Use it to help the girls that can't find their families. When we hear the news that the ex-Magnus has been dispatched, that will be reward enough." The Colonel said with a smile.
      Chareese couldn't believe it. "You did this just to help us?"
      The Colonel nodded. "It was family."

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