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It's been a year already?

The Desk status and update 2006

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      A brief look at where the Desk is at and maybe where it is supposed to be going.

      Let's begin with the numbers this time.

      For August, 2006- the most popular group of Non-Fiction articles continues to be the Urban Legend and SPAM page and its associated essays. All told the main page had right at a thousand visits with several hundred more scattered among the thirty or so subsidiary pages adding up to nearly 2000 visitors.
      The highest rated single article is the essay on the "Cotton Eyed Joe" dance with 1,841 hits. Also of those that came to the Desk site from the various search engines, ol' Joe seems to have been one of the subjects searched for most often.

      Of the new stuff, the Desk's Star Trek novel "SL-374-II The Station and the Patrol" drew a total over 500 hits between its 23 chapters, representing about 20 people that seemed to have read the whole thing all the way through. (The Desk hopes they enjoyed it!)
      The now completed high adventure series 'TheHunter' turned in 800 hits for its fifty chapters while "The Tale of Two Dorms " was over a thousand again, but the numbers for the individual chapters seems to have dropped slightly. Considering that the soap opera has been on the Web for over five years now, this is to be expected.

Raw totals:
Total Hits, August, 2006- 58,554
Visitors were from 80 different countries including Namibia, Colombia, and Turkey.

For preceding 12 months.
High, March- 71,939
Low, November- 45,607
Average- 55,589
Total for 12 month period- 667,077

Some observations:
      The Desk site is obviously getting sustained repeat traffic. People seem to like what it has to offer and enjoy the fact that there is no flashing and beeping banner ads for casinos or cheap long distance rates or whatever.
      Also, the Desk has been averaging just over 50,000 hits a month for some time now, WITHOUT paying for a single search engine listing or hotlink. There is no 'directed advertising' or 'paid inclusion' anywhere.
      Still to this day and since 1998 on the web and several years before on telnet and BBS's and what not....
                 whatever that is

and you are welcome to it and we hope you enjoy it.

For Next Year
      For next year? ... how about we keep doing just about the same as we have been and see how it goes?

Thank you
End of report

The Media Desk
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Thank you


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