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Twenty Twelve

The 2012 race and its candidates. 3 September 2008

      Regardless of what happens in November of 2008, SHE will be a factor in 2012, or 2016 if the worst possible thing happens. More on that in a second.
      And we are not talking about Sarah Palin either.
      Hillary Clinton will not vanish quietly into political oblivion. She has an organization, direct campaign experience, a mountain of debt (that will quietly vanish), and four years for her spleen to ferment.
      If Obama is elected, Hillary is locked out for eight years. Which means she has to sit and fester until 2016. There is no way Obama can pick her for Veep if Biden bows out for the 2012 cycle. To do so would be to admit that he got lucky with Biden. (and that he wants to.... have an unfortunate incident ....while in office, but we didn't say that)
      And for the odds makers, who were badly stung with the early and continued success of Obama, the Desk included, she is still the odds on favorite and the race was, and is, hers and BILL'S to lose.
      Argument could be, and has been made, that Former President Bill Clinton was a major factor in Hillary's losses. That he ran an anti-campaign, and in spite of her best efforts, and the absolute fawning national media, that it was Bill who took the steam out of her campaign for the early primaries. And once Obama's train got rolling, she just couldn't call in enough favors to make the nut.
      And if you look at what he said, and how he said it, and everything else Bill-wise, there is enough evidence there to at least indict him of taking deliberate and calculated action to scuttle his wife's campaign. Remember, NOTHING either Clinton does is by accident, and that includes stains on plus-size blue dresses.
      Of course SHE must consider that she will be running for re-election to the Senate from New York at the same time she is going for the Presidency again.
      But details like that won't even slow her down. And as the good people of the State of New York bought into her act once before, they'll likely do so again.

      One more thing.... look for Mrs. Clinton to find a way to file for a No Fault divorce from Mr. Clinton shortly. Even though there is no No Fault divorce in New York State, she'll find a way. Bill is baggage she does NOT need, and she has to jettison that dead weight sooner rather than later, that way it will be old news by 2012.

      As for the other early front runners, some of whom are already updating their playbooks, for the 2012 cycle....

....we'll get this out of the way right now. No matter who wins, McCain and Biden are out of the picture. This was their shot and these two rancid old pols can now be put out to pasture.

Republicans: Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are still out there. So is Ron Paul, but we'll just have to hope he's had enough by then and will stay home. Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson are probably done. Which will open it up for others, including Sarah Palin if she is not the sitting Veep at the time. And maybe if she is. And remember that Dr. Rice may be looking for a new job then too.

Democrats: We still have to have AlGore on the fight card. And John Edwards and Dr. Howard Dean as well. And most likely Bill Richardson will throw his hat into the ring one more time. As for others, well, once again, that will depend on Mrs. Clinton. Some will sit by waiting to see what she does, or doesn't do.
      ...... and so will we all.

Countdown to Election 2012- FOUR Years, four months.

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