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  • Last Fall the Desk sat in on a study of the time between the prophets and John the Baptist. It gave the Desk an idea
    "Adiva of the Salt Sea".

  • Arthur's Pack, we find some REALLY old dogs in the woods of Maine.
  • In Midnight, Mississippi, an ancient sleeping volcano may be waking up.
  • And It Ends Here Argo Epic Four: the Final Mission.
  • A Sequel to a sequel: Extreme Real World Travel: Nova Scotia
    we check in with some old friends
  • A short story based on a bad dream, no a really, REALLY, Bad Dream, to close out 2020... "...heinous..."
    WARNING: This Story may disturb more sensitive readers.
  • A Sequel: Extreme Real World Travel: Belize
    while this story is fiction, it could come true!
  • " us, you are Jerome. With a traumatic head injury, but you are still Jerome."
        "And to me, you are a fool. Without a head injury for an excuse."
  • Pointless Fiction... for Free! (the best kind, right?) "...We're the Temps."
  • Lord's Lunatic 2: STILL the Lord's Lunatic!
    "There's fish in the baptistery."
  • Spring, 2017 brings us to: Middlefork, Illinois, a village becomes a city:
    "We Don't Need A City Manager!"
  • Three New Short Stories for FALL 2016
    (.... it just hasn't had time to get it posted.....)

  • The long night on Thunderecho Island
    A group picnic, a river, and a very long cold wet night!
  • subs - or - "Sir, we have a cold war problem."
  • Mused
    "We are the Muses, and we are here to save our sister."

  • In Celebration of CERN destroying the world!
  • New Short Novel with a decidedly ADULT TOPIC and THEME
    This work was rejected by the publisher in 2012 for "Not Being Hot Enough".
    Instead of adding extra sex that the plot didn't need to tell the story the Desk wanted to tell,
    it elected to keep it as it was, and then post it here. FOR FREE!
    STEAMSWING enjoy -Doc L
  • Adventure Fiction The Desk gives you a rose. A Dinner Rose. Three of them, in fact.
    In Antarctica, and then in the Amazon, and then... Mexico.
  • The Desk wrote an episode for a new reality show!
    "A Special Episode of Extreme Real World Travel."
  • the making of I Stole Everything For The Zombies the film.
  • We check in with some old friends when they have an adventure with a SPACEBOX.
    The Original "Jupiter with an 'O'" story.
  • TWO Complete Science Fiction Novels, free for the reading. Enjoy:
    "The Squid Guys are the Good Guys!" book ONE and book TWO!
    a game to play with these is to count the references to classic sci-fi
    ... and "you're welcome".
  • a Bad Dream of a story! The Vengeance of the Mirror Guild
  • The PreClovis Story
    The Desk's Archeological tale about 'who came first'. (the story still doesn't have a real title)
  • "But I'm writing a children's book!"
    In memory of a friend of the Desk.
  • "The Night of the Attack of the Snow Zombies"
  • The Grimoire of New Jersey.
    Mild Horror starring "The New Jersey Devil"

  • The Detective:
    1. The Robbery
    2. murder and other fun at The Sun Club
    3. The Water Murders
    4. Amused To Death
    5. Too many suspects spoil the case.
    6. The Grand Conspiracy.
    7. Murder isn't a Joke.
    8. "Sometimes you can't arrest the perpetrator."
    9. A Partner In Crime.
    10. "Somebody is killing all the bad guys."
    11. Bad times in Las Vegas.
  • Under The Rock
    A guy lives at Rockefeller Center for several years, Without Paying Rent!
  • The Unintended Consequences of Ophiuchus
    A story about the Thirteenth sign of the Zodiac.
  • 300 Kilometers. We go to French Guiana to track down some 'cute monkeys' with really bad attitudes.
    warning- some scenes may upset some readers
  • The Secret War In Oliphant Furnace
    "So we look for an ice chest sized wooden box." Debby said.
    Kyle grinned. "With 'Secret Nazi Death Ray' written on it in German."
    "Yeah." David nodded. "Exactly."
  • Protection
    A group of special people establish a private community in New Jersey.
  • Silver Bow
    Outside the thunderstorm raged and blew. Sheets of rain teemed down. Violent winds gusted with considerable force. Lightning shattered the sky and thunder made the landscape tremble.
          Dorothy was almost in tears...
          She looked up from the shelter of her husband's arms at the corner of the sky visible through the vent high in the wall.
          " ... i'm sorry... " she whispered softly.

  • New Short Story The Adventure on Pine Tree Creek.
    NOTE: no Frenchmen were killed in the writing of this story
  • Sassie A Doctor has a most unusual patient.
  • REPOSTED by request: The Woodstone!
    Cigar Smoke from the 'night shift' at a hotel in Indianapolis.
    one of the Desk's favorite stories.
  • NEW Sci-Fi Novel
    ORIGINAL Non Series Based STAR TREK fan fiction.
    The Station...
    "...One thing that I must mention was the replicator in the recreation chamber. There was a hand written sign not to order anything hot to eat from the machine. I asked why, a crewman told me to try it and see. I ordered a hot cheese sandwich. The crewman took hold of my shirt and forced me backward a step. The sandwich materialized in flames. Burning cheese sputtered from the opening to land on the floor. The crewman ordered the machine to recycle the plate and it disappeared. The smell of burnt food lingered in the room for some time afterward."
        The observer barked several times. "I ordered a cold cheese sandwich and had to wait for it to defrost somewhat before eating it. The crewman said the thermal control in the machine was broken. I asked him why they hadn't fixed it. He said, 'It is fixed, it didn't work at all for a couple of weeks.'"
    ...and The Patrol
        The Colonel spoke slowly. "We work for the President of the Federation, and various representatives of that office."
        "What do you do for them?"
        "Whatever needs done."
        It was Commander Klastor's turn to stare deeply into his eyes. "You kill?"
        "Whatever is necessary." The Colonel answered.
        "Political assassination. Military insurrection? Sabotage?"
        "We've even sung Klingon Opera. It depends on the mission."
        "But that is against the most basic Federation principles. The Prime Directive..."
        The Colonel nodded. "Which is why we don't exist. I have no record with any Federation organization. My people have never been born, my ship was never built. As far as your logs go, we are not here, nor have you ever heard of us."
        "The Unknown Warrior." She smiled broadly, "One of my favorite legends from the Home World."
        "I will tell you the full legend sometime, all of it, including the lost chapters."
        "You know them?"
        The Colonel stood and nodded, "I am living them."
  • And a TREK short story-The Good OLD Ship JUPITOR non-series based!
  • NEW FICTION July/05
    Come Visit Sand Mountain near Bryant, Alabama

  • "No National Parks were destroyed in the writing of this story." Serious Cave

    Short Science Fiction- Amazonis Planitia on Mars!

  • New- Feb 04
    The Weapon
    I swear, I'll never have another idea
  • See ya around Little Buddy - Bob Denver 1935 - 2005
    Waiting the Storm out
    -or- Gilligan 2000
  • the Magician
    WARNING: The Ending may be too Intense for some readers.
  • Ron's Falsies Fictionalized coverage of a punk rock band.

    Magnitude 3.6 INDIANA
    Sunday, September 12, 2004 at 13:05:18 UTC
    Preliminary Earthquake Report
    . Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center
    World Data Center for Seismology, Denver

    10 km (5 miles) N of Shelbyville, Indiana
    20 km (15 miles) S of Greenfield, Indiana
    25 km (15 miles) NE of Franklin, Indiana
    35 km (20 miles) ESE of INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana

    The Desk wrote the story in 1999... -cool eh?-

    "If ya don'a come back wit' the money, we'll kill 'em."
        "An' if ya don't come back alone we'll kill them."

  • Lord's Lunatic You have to Read it to Believe It!

  •  "Package Delivered" Special Ops in Afghanistan... fiction(alized) story...
  • IT'S HERE!

  • The Desk's Own Soap Opera A Tale of Two Dorms With More to Come!

    Come and see! Christian Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy Adventure.

  • Mephitis mephitis Skunks save the day!
    STAR TREK Fan Fiction like you've never seen before!
    NOTE: This is a NON-SERIES-BASED Short Story.
  • Investigations. An Investigative Journalist looks at Parapsychology.
  • The Ring
    Magic Rings turn up in New Jersey.

  • FROM THE HEADLINES - January 2004
    Washington DC- President George W. Bush is expected to announce broad new goals for the United States space program next week, including a return by astronauts to the moon as a first step toward a possible mission to send humans to Mars, a senior administration official said last night.

  • Humor, Drama, Singing, Danger!
  • You Have Got To Read: Dancing On The Moon!

  • The Fictional History of the USS RAVEN (IFT) ... and Newsletter Articles on ...
    The RAVEN Page

  • "No Chinese Spacecraft were destroyed in the writing of this story."

    have you met him yet?

  • theHunter
    The Desk's secret agent adventure series.

  • KADA has been published!
  • Chapter One still posted.

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