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       In going thru day to day life I have we and so have many of us become aware of security. Not only at points of travel. At any and all functions of life in a free society. The 9-11 tragedy has brought a lot to the forefront. But I think it started years earlier. With incidents further in the past. But putting a finger on one point as a start is not easy or possible.
       Look at the extent to which we have become aware of security in our lives. The other day I went to a local Federal bldg to conduct some business. This bldg had armed guards, restricted entry for the public.( staff allowed to enter via other less intrusive area. While the public must go and come only thru one access point. Thru a metal detector and x-ray machine. Is it now the norm to be searched by armed guards. And all other points of entry alarmed or blocked. What an opportunity to get people trapped in a confined area. ( what of the armed guards, who trains them, what standards must they meet to be armed. And who over sees this.
       (I stray a bit the goal of terrorism is to disrupt, change or make the normal way of life not the norm any more.)
       Not that added protection and care should be taken. But which doing so makes us all less likely to conduct business and life as we once did. ( how much is not done due to security being so tight many just don 't do something 's. Who wins. And who loses. Life as we use to know of enjoying the standard of living we have worked so hard for. And not unearned as many in the world would have us believe. For as a people we came to this our country from many backgrounds. To start a new, escaping oppression, strife, and to strive for a better life for us and our future generations. Being so scorned and made a mockery of for as a people striving for standards and obtaining standards of life the most of the world see as excess or undeserved. (but was got by our fore bearers fighting, struggling and sometimes dying for principles and ideals they believed in)
       Must get back to the main theme When I look around I see us giving into security at any cost. Giving into fears and feel and look good things to lull ourselves into what? Life with more limits and who are those which we allow to protect us. Are they trained and how well. Will they be paid enough to make them secure and faithful to the all important task of securing our lives. What of the gov 't that becomes unreachable due to the masses not wanting to be poked and herded to conduct business. Will this allow for those who want to change all that was so hard earned to be given away to secure and make w more gentile, herded people like other countries around the globe. Where the ruling class 's are borne or kill to get power openly.
       Like the well know leader Saddam, Or the wealthy person (Osama-Bin Laden) who has others do what he wants in the name of the belief which they aspire to at that time. And of those who are led to believe that they will be getting closer to the heavenly rewards. For following those who don 't even seem to die and get away as those who support them get hurt and die for them.
       Some aspects of security due make sense, But those who try making it so, due to hate, mistrust or their reasons. Should ask why is the United States and others so mistrusted. When as with the rest of the world is lead by men. And all men have faults and failings. But the leaders of the world have to many miss giving 's of others and they will be perceived as a world leader or power. But to give all up for a sense of security ( real or false). For if those who want to do harm will do it at any cost. The cost of freedom should not be freedom itself. Talk to those who fought and watched their fellows die to keep our freedom:

-Fred at Large

[Thanks again Fred. On this the Second Anniversary of the Attack, your comments are most thought provoking.]

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