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Artistic Statement

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     There is such an animal as an 'Artistic Statement'. It is something of a 'guiding principle' which defines their overall objective. It could be for an individual project such as "the beauty of railroad bridges" or something that defines an entire career.

      Some artistic forums and working groups want their members to have such a statement. To help the members get to know each other and state their reasons for being as much as anything else.

      Someone in the Desk's inner circle has recently undertaken the challenge of writing one.
      It occurred to the Desk that maybe it should as well.

      Then it occurred to the Desk that it didn't have a clue. Not even a glimmer.


      There is no "Overall Objective" as outlined in one of the outlines it looked up.

      There is no "Vision" or "Meaningful Goal" as stated in another one.

      The Desk isn't pursuing truth or beauty or much of anything else besides a cold beer and decent cigar and someplace where the fish are biting as a matter of course.
      It isn't seeking to either be enlightened or to enlighten anybody else, which would imply that it could do either.
      There is no great wisdom lying around anywhere which is begging to be shared with anybody. And if there were, the Desk site would be way down the list of places anybody would look for it. And furthermore, the Desk isnít sure it would recognize it if it saw it in the corner anyway.

      At times the Desk's stuff is mildly entertaining or amusing and occasionally informative, even though it is an equal bet that both happen almost by accident as often as by design.
      Sometimes it will get lucky and turn out a halfway readable story or article that someone in the world will comment on that they liked. And equally, there are times when somebody will write in and wonder how a half-literate hack like the Desk manages to stay online at all.
      But as for anything that is worthy of something as high sounding as an 'Artistic Statement'?
      That's a bit much to ask.
      So we'll leave that one alone and move on.

      Perhaps a critical review of Pre-packaged Fried Pork Rinds is more in order.

Thank you
Dr Leftover

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