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New Orleans Warnings and Disclaimer

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three signs on an electrical substation
Three for one. Signs outside a power station.

enjoy the view, but don't feed the birds
The reason you shouldn't feed them is evident on the sign. Gotta love the irony.

leaving the house of blues
You are leaving the "House Of Blues".

church zone street sign
The 'famous' Pirates Alley runs along the side of the St. Louis Cathedral.

several signs on closed garage
Take your pick- three "no parking signs" (including the one on the lamp post), two "for rent" signs, or one "additional parking available..."

glass container law sign
You can drink in public on the street, just not out of a 'glass'.

Mardis Gras parade route on St Charles Steet
Prade route marker along one of the famous street car routes in New Orleans.

the police barricades are themselves barricaded
One of those photos that only the Desk would take. Police barricades stored in the garden behind the Cathedral.

international visitors get their sales tax back
You have to wonder how many foreign tourists bother to get all of the refund that they are entitled to?

rodent trap in the French Quarter
They're serious about keeping the vermin under control, rodent and human.

Up The Rebels!
The South is going to Rise Again! ... ... so don't steal their trash can.

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