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New Orleans - some of the OTHER photos

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The main Warnings and Disclaimer Page with another photo collection.

These photos didn't exactly fit in with any of the others, so here they are on their own. Some with suitable comment by the Desk.

'Mardis Gras beads on a traffic light

more beads, this time on a utility wire
OK, we get it, you can throw cheap beads high into the air. How is wrapping them around lights and wires a good idea, even in "the big easy"?

street sign with hilarious background
Yes, we're sure that is 'one way' to get a tan. But perhaps there are other ways. There HAS to be.

the jester at the end of Canal Street
This one figure wraps up everything the Desk doesn't like about some aspects of the "tourist side" of New Orleans. The 'jester' embodies everything that is over the top, overdone, over-priced, over-everything-else aspect that people put on like a full body costume when they cross into the Quarter.
That attitude of "I'm on Bourbon Street! Of course I'm having a good time" of 'forced jocularity', if you wish to call it that, just doesn't do anything for the Desk.

the Supreme Court of Louisiana in the Quarter
This is in the French Quarter too. So perhaps it all balances out in the end.

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