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Verizon ® Will TAKE Your Money

Oh by the way....

Check your home service phone bill.

      In September Verizon began billing for services that had been associated with residential lines, but never activated or used. They appeared in the USOCs for the lines even if they were never ordered by the customer, sometimes sitting on the line from the original date of install. Verizon is only billing from the date of the billing update to the current bill date.

      You will see something on your itemized statement like the following on the bill page directly under the Federal tax lines.

Sept 16 2003 ORDER # R0EA00000 [Letters and Numbers may vary]
Partial monthly charge for adding service
From Sep 17 2003 through Oct 9 2003
      The Records Order (the 'R' in the Service Order Number) can refer to any of the 'feature services' such as call forwarding, three way calling, caller ID, voice mail, etc. Anything offered when the line was installed that was never either activated or billed but never specifically requested NOT to be installed.

      You can have these charges removed from your bill since you most likely NEVER ordered this service.

      You will need your bill and some time to spend on hold listening to canned music and Verizon DSL and Wireless commercials. But they will remove the charges without too much screaming.

Since this article was first emailed out to the Desk's friends and associates late last week three individuals have replied that there were these new and unexplained charges on their bills. All have had them removed by calling Verizon.

A Verizon representative, in a telephone statement to the Desk, did not deny the practice but instead insisted there is no accounting irregularity in what the company is doing. The USOC's have been on the lines for some time, and those services were available to the customer, it was up to the customer to activate them or cancel them as they wished.

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[NOTE: the word Verizon and associated marks are registered trademarks and etc. of Verizon Communications. The Desk is not affiliated in any way with Verizon other than getting a bill every month. thank you]

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