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Photoshoot Two

and Car Show!

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NOTE: There is an obligatory gratuitous pretty woman picture on this page. See if you can find it. All photos taken by the Desk.

      Ms. T did it again.
      This time the subject was a lovely young woman from the area who was also looking to build up a portfolio of various styles of shots. So again we packed up a good collection of stuff and headed for the historic district on a Saturday morning.
      Miss Hadassah is indeed a lovely young woman. She is a former dancer both in the classic and traditional styles, and the more modern varieties, and an aspiring model looking to get out of the mail room. OK, that sounds like a clich, but in this case, it's true.
      This shoot took place at exactly the same place as the one a few weeks ago with Lawrence, you can see the Old State House in the background in one of the pictures.
      However, there was a huge difference today.
      Hadassah almost caused a traffic accident simply standing by a tree and smiling.

      You'd think the locals had never seen a beautiful young woman standing by a tree and smiling before.
      Well. Considering the town, maybe they hadn't.
      One guy sat at a stop sign nearby and simply stared for about ten minutes.
      Two teenaged boys on skateboards wrecked a couple of times.
      And a woman who was out for her morning walk simply stood at the corner and watched.
      Everybody that drove by got a good eyeful, men and women and kids too, causing the occasional 'gapers delay' most usually seen on major metropolitan freeways.
      And to their credit, Hadassah and Ms. T both seemed to enjoy it. And far be it from the Desk to stare back at the passersby and laugh at them. Well, not too often.
      When Lawrence was down there, sitting on the same bench, or leaning against the same tree, nobody even seemed to notice. No traffic stopped. Nobody paid any attention at all.

      One thing that Miss Hadassah did seem to have a problem with was looking serious. For some shots for a portfolio you have to have an expression on your face like you were just told the boss is withholding half your paycheck to cover their losses on their most recent golf outing. That isn't in her. She is a naturally joyful person. She likes to smile, and she has a wonderfully brilliant smile too. Not like the Desk whose best smile is a scowling half-grimace.
      Oh well. Let her smile. It makes us all happier when she does.
      Right? Of course right.
      "Oh, and just one more thing..."
      Hadassah said to NOT take a picture of her feet when Ms. T was getting a full body shot. So of course the Desk... well, see below.

      Later the Desk took Ms T to an antique car show where she took pictures of classic cars and classic car owners.
      Some would say the Edsel was smiling too. Just like Hadassah. If so, good for it.

      All in all, it was a good day.
Thank you

      All correspondence will be forwarded to the Model or Mrs. Desk.

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Photos of photoshoot 2 and photos of the carshow shoot below.
Oh, by the way, the Desk took 82 pictures over the course of the shoot and the show. .... how many got used? yeah

Ms T (Mrs. Desk) shooting Miss Hadassah
Ms T (Mrs. Desk) busily shooting away at the model, Miss Hadassah.

Miss Hadassah with the old state house in background
Miss Hadassah looking serious.
In the background, Delaware's historic Old State House (built 1792), undergoing renovation.

Of course once the lady said not to get her feet in a shot the Desk had no choice but to....

Miss Hadassah with prop by really big tree
Miss Hadassah posed with a prop umbrella next to one of the huge old trees in the Historic District. It was this somewhat sexy pose that caused the most problems with traffic on a nearby street.

The 'winter head shot'
She said this was the only time she was warm all day. It was in the mid 60's F during the shoot, even if it was a Global Warming June day.

Break Time
Photographer and Model taking a break.

An OLD Ford
A Ford from the Good Old Days. The Desk forgot to write down the specifics.

At least one of these is an old Chevy
A couple more Old Cars at the show, Chevy to the left, Pontiac on the right.
Note: Plate numbers have been removed in the photo.

An Edsel.
Mr. Edsel Ford's namesake does appear to be at least mildly amused.

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