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The Midwest Equipment Dealers
Ag Expo 2014 at Gordyville USA, in Gifford, Ill

or a more suitable title for those used to the way the Desk does things....

"Why were there Pink Pens at the Farm Show?"

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      Well, the lady who kept The Desk in coffee all morning, to benefit a child safety program no less, said that there was a table SOMEWHERE in the expo that was giving away pink pens, and she wanted one.

      No, not Pig pens, which one would expect. Pink pens, and the Desk said it'd bring her one if it found them. But we're getting ahead of ourselves here.

      The morning wasn't as cold as it had been when the Desk and Mrs. Desk rolled out to head up to the Ag Expo, and it was a nice drive through Illinois electric windmill country to Gifford to the Ag Expo to boot.

slight tangent
      OK, we need to hold it right there a second. Many readers will recognize the name of the town, and not know why. So we shall explain.
      No. There are no photos, that wasn't what we were going to do, and although we saw some of the evidence of what happened last fall, we didn't take any pictures.

      17 November, 2013, is a date that few around here will soon forget. 70 homes were gone in a matter of minutes. Almost every building on the southeast side of town had sustained some sort of damage.
      And, as is the way of tornadoes, this house looks like it had been stepped on, and another within rock throwing distance was fine.
      But the town is rebuilding, even on a chilly January morning, there were crews out starting work for the day, putting the town back together.
      Links to news articles about the storm outbreak and photos from the time below.
end tangent

      The Ag Expo had promised exhibits and information for everybody from the home gardener with a couple of tomato plants up to major agri-business outfits. Now, the Desk did not see every booth and exhibit in the place, after all, the Gordyville exhibit hall may need its own ZIP code, and the place was packed with stuff, but, could the Desk even turn this thing around and stay within the city limits of its home town?

for some reason this thing gave The Desk "Top Gear (UK)" flashbacks involving 'the hamster'.

      But on that note comes the efforts by many of the vendors and other groups at the Expo.
      In this case, Mister Robert of Birkey's Equipment, the vendor showing off the above machine, went out of his way to mention they were also doing this:

      There were several charities represented, as well as an almost endless selection of, things and stuff and tools....

      And for some reason, a lot of the booths also had some of this:

sugar, served in a hubcap, and as we saw earlier, caffeine, two of the Desk's major food groups covered

      Back to the equipment side of the show.
      This being the Computer Age, things are not the same as they were back in your granddad's age. As evidence we could point to the 'things' photo above which is just a sample of the range of the mind numbing array of electronics available to the modern farmer.
      Tractors can steer themselves over the length of the field using GPS and video tracking as well. Planters can adjust seed depth on the fly to accommodate different soil conditions. Sprayers change the mixture that is being applied to the field depending on what is needed in various areas of the field. And during harvest, well, you get the idea. And all of this information can be sent to anybody that wants it, including the seed company so they can keep track of how their product does through the year. And, of course, the data can also be sent to various government agencies who may have reason to be interested.

      Now, what would a Media Desk photo essay of an event like this be without a photo of a pretty woman?

the lady knows all there is to know about buying heavy equipment and land thru an online auction, yes she does

      It has happened, but not so often that a conclusion can be drawn from the fact.
      But today's edition has a very good reason for the picture of Miss Stephanie from where you can buy a tractor online, and a farm to use it on as well, if you are so inclined. See the link below if you happen to need, well, big iron.

      But then we came across those legendary....

who in their right mind would give away pink pens at a tractor show?

      Well. The gentleman from Lanz heating and cooling explained it all.
      The company is very involved with Breast Cancer charities and at one point, they had a promotion for the cause that involved videos from their customers, and, in some way or another, this thing

it is a pink furnace, but it is not for sale, it is an attention getter for the booth, and it works!

      Aside from doing charity work, and selling massive pieces of equipment, there was also a lot of education material available. Including demonstrations by an electric co-op, a booth staffed by the FFA, and several exhibits from various county and state agencies related to agriculture.

Miss Rebecca from the Illinois State Treasure's Office talks to Mrs. Desk about the kid's photography contest, see link below

      And then there were other things that looked really neat, and possibly dangerous, and some of them made noise or did something else, but there was nobody around to explain what it was, or what it did, and why anybody would want one.
      Well, maybe we'll find out next year.

it is a perfectly good, and very nice display of a... whateverit is

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our hosts for the day:
With excellent parking and an very nice facility. "thank you"

2013 Tornado story and photos:

Others mentioned in the article.

Birkey's, where Mr. Robert deals in big red tractors, and other things.

Miss Stephanie, Big Iron district manager for Illinois, was a good sport about the whole thing:

The 2013 "Cream of the Crop" contest winners as mentioned by Miss Rebecca:

And Lanz Heating and Cooling, and their pink furnace, and pens, of course: and it is Lanz Inc, NOT: Lan Zinc PS: The Desk took several of the pens back to the coffee lady.

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