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      This is an open letter to the people who get a term stuck in their heads and use it incessantly until the rest of us seriously consider violating their civil rights. Or maybe they become fixated on an idea. Or even the old "Help, I'm talking and I can't stop!" chatterboxes who insist on jabbering on about the most mundane and otherwise empty details of their mundane and otherwise empty lives. And a few others.

A short list of good Bad Examples:

      In conclusion. What may seem fresh and new can quickly become annoying and then obnoxious. Sometimes the elapsed time between the two can be a matter of minutes, especially when you're watching a cable channel and an ad blitz hits and you see the same commercial, complete with 'blast you out of the room' audio four times in a row. And then, somebody with no personality of their own gloms onto the catchphrase and it suddenly becomes the centerpiece of their vocabulary. And then you end up having to talk to a deputy sheriff and post bail and all that.

      The bottom line is this:   THINK!

      That's all, just think. At least once in awhile.

thank you

[NOTE: The shows and phrases and commercials and other media stupidity is probably owned by whoever made them. No UNDUE infringement or disparagement is intended.
  Thank You, Webmaster ]

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