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       They are getting more and more clever all the time.

       When the Desk gets an email delivery failure, it opens the message to see what the problem was. The Desk is stupid and not a very good typist, so it always checks to see if it fat-fingered the address, or maybe the recipient's mailbox was full, or a server timed out. There are lots of things that can go wrong trying to send an email to somebody.
       Imagine its surprise though when it opened the message with the following subject line

From: postmaster Re: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

       And instead of a summary of the message errors and the address that didn't work it got to read the following SPAM advertisement:

Revolutionary 7 Month Elimination Program Just Released.

As a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Agency Licenses in all 50 States, We Can Help!

Will NOT Harm Your Credit - Will Get Your Life Back On Track!

       So… now we have to worry about SPAM cloaked as error messages from our own email servers.

       That SPAM could just as easily had a browser console in it which would open a chain of windows when the Desk tried to close it, or a Javascript that reset the Desk's homepage to their site, or even a been a Trojan to infect the Desk's computer with a nasty bug. Or even worse.
       All reasons NOT to even OPEN a SPAM message.

       The SPAMMERS are cutting their own throats though. It is precisely this kind of thing that will cause Congress to act and eventually start fining those that send such garbage Per Message. And when you are sending out millions of messages a day, that can quickly become Real Money

       Now comes the standard SPAM advice….

                     DELETE IT!

       Do not respond to it, do not forward it, do not click on the button that says 'to be removed'.


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