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Schlarman Academy Archery Shootout 2014

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A Media Desk photoessay

NOTE: This photo essay was unplanned, but as chance would have it, the Desk, who is a Professional after all, had its camera and a notecard with it, and so, You can attend the archery event as well.:
      you are welcome Doc L

they picked a inconspicuous color for their shirts,
available in several sizes, for ten dollars each

      Question: Have you ever been to a major high school archery tournament?

      Until today, the Desk would have to answer "no" as well.

      A close relative of the Desk was shooting for her high school in the competition at a local field house, so the general cast and crew of the Desk went to support her and watch her compete.
      Well, the Desk being the Desk walked in, saw what was going on, said "this is something" and started taking notes, and photos. The following is the result:

     ... and now, a clarification, several of them in fact.

      This was:

      Most of these shooters will be at the State Tournament in March.
      We wish them well, as well.

The archers shot from the ten meter line, then moved back to the fifteen.
The sound when they all let fly at once, after a moment of dead silence while they aim, is something that cannot be described in words. No, it can't, the Desk just tried.


Even with 41 others on the line shooting with you, it comes down to you, and your bow, and that circle down yonder.
You, one chance to shoot, your score stands as is. Pressure?


No, there wasn't a plastic suction cup or rubber ball tip in sight, if one of these hit you, we'd find out where the first aid kit was in a hurry.


Some serious target shooting equipment was on display.


Hardware to take back to school on Monday. If you're good, that is.

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National Archery in The Schools Program

USA Archery

The Host School:

The Site with the field house and no archery team yet:


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