"Always give your best, never get discouraged, never be petty; always remember others may hate you, but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself."

farewell speech at the White House
9 August, 1974

The Attack on AMERICA 2001 Page

"The things that will destroy us are:
  • politics without principle;
  • pleasure without conscience;
  • wealth without work;
  • knowledge without character;
  • business without morality;
  • science without humanity,
  • and worship without sacrifice."
Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)


A look at the Cargo Cult America


A look at the Clinton By Proxy! "say it isn't so 'O'"


A look at the 2008 Presidential Election from the Winter of 2007 with odds!


BUSH SOLD OUT, what was the price on the Port Deal. On a related item- the question isn't whether it's TREASON, but how bad it is:
United States of NORTH America
Does W really want to do away with the USA?


The New Male isn't a Man.


Something that is Not on the Menu for lunch.


Helen Thomas and another liberal promise.


Politically and Enviromentally Incorrect- but maybe true?


The DESK SPAMMED the WHITE HOUSE with a good idea. Thanks Christi for the forwarded email.


The Desk says goodbye to Hunter- "Goodnight Gonzo".


How Hollywood ruins their own movie releases.


Media Commentary: Excruciating Radio.


Tropical Storm 'W' The Politics of Weather


A Craft Show Flop.


Get out and VOTE on January Second!


The Politics of the FLU it IS a PANDEMIC!


Poll Watching and Random Thoughts.


A look at the November 2008 election from Groundhog's Day 2005. and Labor Day to Election Day 2004 -with- What Happened to General Clark?


The Desk says Something Nice about a TV Network!


The Desk looks back at an old priest


Hollywood and Politics has a long strange history.


the Pepsi Contest. not worth the bottle cap it's printed on


Political Implosions


What is Sexy? Brutha Deep Answers. WARNING Very un-PC.


Victoria's Show and The FCC.


The Desk looks at America's Fear of Flying and finds it more to be Fear of Stupidity in Airports.
Includes a bit of Humor. [posted on the Desk's Tripod site just for giggles]


Midterm odds on 2004 general election. With Analysis as only the Desk can do.


The Desk argues with itself in NOTHING.


Silent Spring II Rachel Carson's vision in the era of West Nile Virus.


Chuck, The FUTURE of the British Monarchy?!?!


The United States of Europe. The Desk looks at the EU's expansion.


Is the New and Improved AlGore the Savior for the Economy?


What the HELL is Wrong with OUR Government?


OK, W can indeed tell a lie. And Spring '02 odds on '04.


The WHO, Kyoto, President Bush... and your toilet.


7 March/02- The Desk reacts STRONGLY to the News of the Day.


"Required Reading!" Clinton's Last Minute Pardons. The list speaks for itself!


"FLAME ON!" Men on TV... more PC Sexism!


The Desk Attacks the Left Coast Talking Head TV Liberals!


Hot Fries NEED to be Regulated! New Public Welfare Article!


Dennis Quaid Likes Marilyn Naked... OK? So?


The Libertarian Party's US mail Nightmare.


"Jihad THIS" and other thoughts about Richard Gere.


Politicians are drooling... so TAXES may be coming to a Website near you.


A look at the 2004 elections from the shadow of the ATTACK on AMERICA! with odds.


The Desk Wants Reparations From Rev. Jackson!
And no... it is not kidding.


NEW!!! Journalism and the NET!




How to START fixing America.


National TV ministries on the rocks. Commentary on 'Religious' Organizations.


 A New Ribbon Campaign! Join Today!


 The Execution of MvVeigh was just the beginning.


 Let's all watch the Democratic Party self-destruct. ... Another look at 2004.


 Been Arrested Lately? You might be soon.


The DESK looks at the DISCLOSURE PROJECT on UFOs and the US Government.

UPDATEPRESS RELEASE FROM The Disclosure Project about the ABC News Special.


Forgotten SMOKERS An OPEN CHALLENGE from the desk to the Anti-Smoking crowd.
"Go Ahead, Make My Day!" PROVE the DESK wrong!


 Life in the Fast Lane on the Info Highway


   The Greatest Invention of ALL TIME?!?!


 Too Stupid To Live!
Yes. This is an article about the DESK HIMSELF!


 Daytime TV...Cruel And Unusual Punishment!


 The STATE schools are working as designed!


 Politicians... - yuck -


Politically Correct Racism.


The Desk's Day Job Series from Good Jobs-vs-Bad Jobs & etc.

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