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Hell is too good for her.

        In spite of Bill the Lecher's departure from the White House and AlGore's becoming an academic it is still IN to be a victim.
        Andrea Yates is a victim of postpartum depression so it is not her fault she killed her kids. ossama was just trying to be noticed by his father. Robert Mugabe spent so many years working for his advanced university degrees from the University of London and other institutions that he sees everybody that takes a stand against his oppressive totalitarian regime as a 'British Stooge'. Mr. Arafat is just misunderstood when he tells his followers in Arabic to 'Kill the Jews' when he tells the Jews in English to 'Love the Arabs'.
        It's not their fault.
        Of course Slobodan Milosevic killed.... well... almost everybody, but he was upset over something that made sense to him at the time. Besides, he couldn't get his French Fries the other day when the cafeteria in the courthouse caught fire, they should turn him loose.
        Yes, there is enough evidence to indict Bill the Lecher for everything this side of Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance, but he's such a nice guy, and he is still married to The Hillary, and he's grieving his dog too, we should forgive and forget his perjury and treason and let bygones be bygones. And the Army looks good in the berets that that fat chick modeled for him anyway.

        And Hell No!

        People ARE responsible for their actions.
        The Desk realizes that is actually news to a few of our citizens. Toddlers may not be, in fact, the Desk will agree that children are not responsible for themselves up to maybe the second or third grade. They really might not know any better. But an Adult? No discussion. If you are old enough to hold a valid driver's license, you are responsible for the genocide you ordered or the fire you set in a house.
        If some despot orders the summary executions of half his countrymen, he should hang for it. Period.
        If some 'wonderful mother' kills her kids, be she in Champaign or Houston or LA, she should get the chair (or the equivalent) for it. Period.

        There is a story out of Fort Worth, Texas about a female nursing student who was stoned and drunk last year while driving home from a club. She hit a pedestrian. The man went through her windshield and stuck there. She left him there alive, with multiple wounds and two broken legs, for three days. He finally bled to death. But she did apologize to him repeatedly in the meantime. After he died she and a couple of friends dumped his body in a city park.
        Her lawyer evidently believes her act is excusable because she panicked and she did say she was sorry to the poor bastard before he died of shock and blood loss still half inside her car through the busted windshield.

        This story still makes the Desk sick to its stomach.

        Milosovic and ossama are not aberrations it appears. There are a lot of them out there. Some of them are nursing students.

        There are crimes that aren't even on the scale of Man's Inhumanity to Man.
        Terror attacks on civilians is one of them.
        Mass executions of defenseless citizens because of perceived racial or religious differences is another.
        Intentional killing of children is one more.
        Then intentionally allowing another to die because of your own actions when corrective action is a mere phone call away seems to define the category.

        The Desk's summation of the nursing student is that she should be bodily assumed into Hell and avoid all the intervening steps such as trial and sentencing and death by peacefully going to sleep from a lethal injection.

        But, if her lawyer has her way, she will walk away. Currently it would seem she is free on bail. Perhaps to pursue her nursing studies.
        OJ is free after all. So is Mike Tyson. One killed, another simply ruins women's lives.

        People scream and call the TV stations when a teacher plans on feeding puppies scheduled for euthanasia at a SPCA facility to snakes in a science class.
        But Heaven Help the poor guy that ends up dying because some bimbo with a head full of ecstasy doesn't want to own up to the fact that she's stupid.
        The World took notice of the bodies around a Georgia Crematory. There were death threats against the owner and US Senators promised inquiries and hearings.
        But Criminally Negligent Homicide (if not premeditated murder) doesn't rate attention?

        The Desk is pretty sure our priorities are out of whack here.
        Sure the puppies were cute, but they were going to be put to sleep anyway. Yes, being eaten by a snake is a lousy way to go, but if they were coyote puppies under a log someplace and that same snake happened to find the den, what would happen to them? Wasn't the poor slob walking along that street worth more than a whole shopping cart of puppies on the 'value of life' scale?
        The abuse of a corpse and defrauding the families, and insurance companies, of the deceased is a rather pathetic crime. But is it worthy of the firestorm of coverage and the weeks and weeks of pictures of half drained lakes and holes in the ground from rented helicopters no matter how many bodies were involved? It would seem that CNN doesn't think a single death caused by a young woman without a soul is worth covering, especially since she has shown remorse and apologized.

        The Desk is sorry, this one just got under its skin.

                        No ... No it's not sorry. And it takes that apology back.

        The woman should be burned at the stake. Never mind the trial. Stone her to death. Tie her to a telephone pole and shoot at her with a slingshot until she expires. Send her friends that helped her dump the body to jail for a long time.

        And while you're at it, see if they can be given a room with Milosovic and Tyson.


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