The NFL's Extra Large SUPER BORE and its commercials and officials go to the dogs.


commentary Ron Artest STAGED his fight! Read the Desk's reasoning.


George Gipp and the Walkoff Home Run
or Why most TV and Radio Sportscasters should just Read The Scores.


The BCS and why USC STILL has nothing coming!


NBC and what they did RIGHT at the Athens Olymics!


The BCS and why USC has nothing coming!


Another Fan calls for a SPORTS BOYCOTT sorry about forgetting to post the link!


Two Part Sports Rant. Showboats and Money.


The Desk catches up on the America's Cup and gets a shock!


The EAGLES and the Crow some of Philly Media are eating today.


The BCS, Miami, and the Golden 'Possum College Football Winds Down


The Desk does some boatwatching as the America's Cup Challenger Series gets underway.


The Desk looks at Sports Overload.


Rest In Peace, Major League Baseball.


Take me out to the ballgame rings a little hollow this year.
The Desk Looks at Baseball. And calls for a BOYCOTT!!!


John Madden And Dennis Miller and Howard Cosell, Oh My.
Monday Night Football pains from the Desk


"The Illini barged down the Mississippi, and Sank" and what's wrong with the Big Ten


Say it isn't so Mr. Jordan
High school kids in the NBA.


Tribute to Dale Sr.


The ZONING of the NBA!

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