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USC is STILL Co-National Champions.

©05 the media desk

      The Winner of the Bowl Championship Series Title Game is SUPPOSED to be the National Champion. Hands down. Undisputed. Number One. Right?
      Well. Yes. NOW.
      Not last year when Louisiana State won the BCS and Southern Cal went crying to the poll people and threatened lawsuits until they were knighted Co-Champs.
      Robbing LSU of their moment of glory. [See the Desk story- PAC 10 BCS BS from last January.]

      Whatever criteria was used to give USC a share of the national crown last year when LSU won the BCS Championship game fair and square MUST apply equally well this year.

      Right? Of course right.

      It doesn't matter at all that the BCS Coaches poll participants sold their soul to ABC/Disney or not to help the ratings of the series. Doesn't matter a bit.

      Auburn went to their bowl game as SEC Champs and BEAT a ranked team- the ACC Champion Virginia Tech Hokies. They are UNDEFEATED, Thirteen and Oh, they have a very good team, and they ARE as much Co-National Champions as USC was last year.

      It doesn't matter at all that ABC/Disney was (and is) totally and completely infatuated with the Trojans. During the Orange Bowl Game they had a microphone on the USC band so viewers were treated to three solid hours of the USC fight song. Was the Oklahoma band even in the stadium? They showed the mostly lily white bleach blond TV Starlet/Reality show-wanna be bimbo cheerleaders constantly. And they mentioned the USC QB's Heisman Trophy after every other completed pass, as far as the Desk can recall, they mentioned the Trophy that is sitting in Norman, Oklahoma only once.

      You should have just admitted it from the beginning ABC/Disney, you are in Desperate NEED of ratings, Southern California is a bigger market than the Sooner State, so you had to coddle them all you could to make it palatable to the Left Coast audience even if OU hadn't played like winos for three quarters of the game.
      Is it possible that ABC/Disney had some nefarious types pay off OU to throw the game? Well. Yeah. But even if they didn't and OU had won, they would still be Co-National Champions with Auburn.

      It also doesn't matter that the ratings system in the BCS has been tinkered with every which way to make the system somewhat more fair than it was meant to be. Doesn't matter at all. Until Division 1-A sucks it up and devises a playoff system. You will have….

      Co-National Champions whenever there are more than one undefeated team.

      It's that simple.

      And Oh, By the way. While we're at it… let's split the title Three Ways this year…
            Utah is also Undefeated finishing at 12-0.


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