Commentary and Humor


Very HOT Topic "You can't handle this" article.


REVISED WITH NEW DATA "SPAM has 118 ridges around the edge."
An Email 'TRIVIA' list is examined.


The Plain English Campaign and the Desk.


Are you an OLD GEEK? A Quiz.


The Life and Death and Life of Sit-Coms.


SPAM Commentary: A Quiz is Disputed


The Humor found in Closed Captioning


Funniest Moments in TV History With reader responses


Another bunch of Silly Questions answered.


Playing for a Million Chances to Lose a Billion with Pepsi®


Approved Media Desk Tag and Signature Lines! AND Some More


Charlie Robison sings Country Music but not about Windows Media Player.


The Desk Helps HelpDesks Everywhere.


The Desk Defines Parapsychology.... and undefines some other things.


Tuesday, December 10, 2002.... Not the way to start a day


Things the Desk has learned from watching Reality TV late at night.


Matchmaking Internet Style


The PRUNE Diet... the Desk's Own Weight Loss Secret Revealed! (humor)


Your Holiday Parade Viewing Guide from the DESK!


The Desk does one of those Top Ten Lists as only the Desk can! Broken Link Fixed too!


Cavalier Telephone Woes.
ALSO The Desk deals with SPRINT or tries to.


The Desk really tried to 'Enjoy Itself'.


Another Rancid Blast at the portrayal of MEN on TV...


Secret CUSTOMER SERVICE training document from a Major Retailer! ... or maybe it should be.


The Desk Ranks just what it considers CRAZY


The Desk looks at what will happen when the Space Aliens Land!


The Desk's New Friendship Quiz


The Answering Machine Blues. "Have a great day!"


BY REQUEST Charlie's Truck!


Cosmology. No its not funny, but it is ... different.


Hot Fries NEED to be Regulated! CRISIS BREWING!


How Many Email Addresses? and the State of the Desk


A Sweater for the Desk? Who were they kidding?


Please answer this Questionnaire so we can send you more questions....


The DESK lines itself up against the You Might Be A Redneck If... list! AND the High Tech REDNECK list.


The BOSS is leaving.


The Office Flow Chart!


PAIN! Sept. 5/01 Major Ouch!


New- Real Life Humor
Some things can that can go wrong with email.


The Desk took ANOTHER personality test... and failed. Again!


A Blast from the Past!   "Happy Birthday, Your Driver's License is Expired!"


  Emailboxes, and profiles and bears. Oh, My!


  The Desk Looks At The Feminine Mystique.


 How to find out if you are a REAL MAN!


 Password. The Drama, not the Game Show!


 How To Avoid Work Without Really Trying!


NEW! A Reposting of a popular article from 1999.


  A Universal Retail Store Comment Form.
Print out and send to your favorite store.


 How about a few Blond Man Jokes?!?!


  The TEST of a REAL MAN... a man's man... a man John Wayne would be proud of...


 The DESK in the Restroom!


State Jobs


How to tell you are naked without looking


The Disclaimer Collection


What MEN want to tell WOMEN
Politically Incorrect TRUE Statements.


The Desk's Day Job Series from Good Jobs-vs-Bad Jobs & etc.

ORIGINAL FICTION! Humor, Drama, Singing, Danger!
You Have Got To Read: Dancing On The Moon!

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