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Well. Goodbye then.

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     The Desk's Day Job Boss is leaving.

     Yup. Gone. Just like that. New job, new office, new responsibilities.

     And the Desk does not blame her one bit. No Sir.

     This place is as hospitable as the La Brea Tar Pits. And growing worse by the day as the clock winds down on the Office Of They That Know It All toward its summary execution.

     And no. That is not an exaggeration.

     People openly duck duties that are assigned to them. "Hey, Joe, could you?" "No. and Hell No."

     Don't even think about asking them to do something that might not be to the letter of their job descriptions.

     Morale? Doesn't exist. Camaraderie- Extinct. That fine sense of working together for the common good and the benefit of .... Yeah... right...

     So The Desk is looking to bail out too.

     But what to?

     As far as Networking and all like that way, the Desk doesn't know nothing about no networking.

     Telecommunications? Maybe the Desk is a bit more than a well meaning amateur, but is far from being qualified to go up and sign on at Verizon.

     Computer Operator? The Desk isn't even sure what that means.

     And so on.

     The Desk's soon to be ex-boss (it seems to have a lot of ex-bosses these days) is a very intelligent, attractive young woman with a fine personality and a very charming way with even the most upset or idiotic customer. Upset idiots a specialty. And she knows her stuff Tech Service Department wise. She got handed a very nice job on a platter. The platter wasn't Sterling Silver, but, she took it anyway.

     Others have left this place, some on good terms to better digs, others, well, they left.

     The Desk, well, it looks like it is going to have to stay. At least for awhile.

     NBC Sports never emailed it back, no book publishers are beating down the door, PAX TV doesn't take script submissions from Nobody's, and movie producers don't like long deceased Indian Chiefs with god-complexes.

     So, it looks for other jobs more or less like what it is doing now.

     And wonders how long it can work in the center of a firestorm of depression and dog-doo lousy attitudes without having jail flashbacks and chest pain.

     The Desk used to love its job. It liked what it did, where it did it, and who it did it with.

     Now.... Sheeit

     Aside from its immediate co-workers, who are the bastard children of the organization and first on the outsourcing list if you listen to the rumblings of the rumor mill. The Desk simply cannot stand a good piece of those that call this building home.

     The Desk cannot abide arrogance without cause. Condescending attitudes make it want to spit. And don't even point your finger at the Desk and talk to it like it is a misbehaving six year old unless you want that finger physically removed.

     And it all happens here. And it is fun to watch somebody that is five foot one try to look down their nose and talk down to the six foot four Desk. But this is not a good professional work environment any more.

     Maybe it used to be. Back when the World Was Young.

     Maybe back when William Penn worked here.... But not now.

     The Governor dropped the hammer on this place and its days are numbered.

     Somewhere in a mysterious underground office near the State Capitol they actually have a countdown clock that is tracking the hours and minutes of this Department until the power goes off and the State Office of Locked Doors sends somebody over with a padlock.

     So the boss lady decided to go now rather than later.

     The Desk knows how she feels.

     Once upon a time the Desk had another job. It drove up to the place one day, and there was two IRS guys sitting on the hood of their car in front of the building drinking coffee and reading the paper. Agent One told the Desk that the place was closed. Agent Two handed the Desk an envelope with a cheerful letter about how to apply for unemployment and where to file for wages owed. Agent One then said, "have a nice day."

     Not a good scene to repeat.


     Off she goes, like a big bird... a big bird with nice long legs, which is one thing the Desk has noticed about her. That and she has a nice smile when she is telling a customer how stupid they really are in the most polite terms... And we get to stay...

      "We're leaving this hole in the moon. Off we go, into the void, away from here..."
      Several people carrying bags and boxes hop-walked in unison down a gangway onto a long angular spacecraft singing to themselves. They stowed their belongings in rhythm in various compartments and lockers, then strapped into seats. The ones by the windows looked out at a row of windows of the base they were leaving.
      "We're leaving this hole in the moon. You have to stay, we get to go. Away from you, and your hole in the moon."
From 'Dancing on the Moon' by the Desk

     So, anyway. Since the Desk absolutely hates goodbyes...

     Hey... Deidre... write if you get work.

     The Desk has never had a crush on a boss before... but if it did... it would have picked you.

     Now though, we'll never know.

"Relax. Things are worse than you can possibly imagine." -the media desk


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