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Funniest moments in TV History

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     The Desk got into a discussion about what it does see as funny on TV.

     First off, it sees nothing funny with the Three's Company sexual innuendo type of humor, it's ok once in a while but not when you build a whole series around it. Nor does it find a constant celebration of ignorance as hilarious as some Network Executives do. The Desk also doesn't find every episode of a particular show funny, and some aren't even mildly amusing. Even shows like M*A*S*H and Cheers ran a dog out once in awhile that elicited more groans than laughs.

     OK. Enough of that.


In No Particular Order, doesn't include everything, doesn't go all the way back to Your Show of Shows, includes only regular shows, not sports or news.

[NOTE: if readers will send in a selection of their favorites, we'll compile a list and post it too. Please put Funny TV in the subject line - Thank you ]

"You have mail" A reader writes in with a funny one. And asks for help identifying it!
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