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How to tell if you are an OLD GEEK

If you came across something you didn't recognize, look it up. You might learn something! The Desk got quite a refresher just checking its facts and dates for this quiz. Since it is an Old Geek it needed help with its memory.

25 or more yes answers- Major OLD GEEK. The Smithsonian wants to talk to you about that Apple 1 in your attic.

If you agreed with twenty or more .... you probably still have a working 286 somewhere in your house and wish Microsoft would bring back the original edition of MS-Works. Right? You Old Geek!

IF you answered YES to a dozen or more of these. You are still a GEEK, and you are getting older!

If 9 - 12, you're not, but you're close.

5 to 9, you might convincingly play one in a school play.

Under five and you asked questions like "What's DOS-shell?" you'll never be one. Go to a Farmer's Market someplace and buy a 486 and learn what a Real Computer was all about!

[NOTE: This quiz is solely for the purpose of making some people feel old, and to entertain and perhaps raise curiosity in others. Please treat it as such. All programs, machines, identifying names, companies and so on are property of their respective owners and inventors (not AlGore). No infringement or disparagement is intended.
  Thank You, Webmaster ]

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