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taglines for fun and profit

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These phrases are original and approved by The Media Desk as IM Taglines, Email Signature Lines, Away Messages, and other meaningless communications. Some are especially for Election Year! (which mostly is meaningless communication right?)

  • Coffee Naked

  • Kosher Porkrinds are hard to find.

  • VBS dropout.

  • Online, Offline, Upline, Tagline, Inline: I hate lines.

  • Still waiting for my 15 minutes.

  • I voted for the most honest candidate, several times.

  • Bartender wanna-be.

  • "Hey buddy, wanna buy a congressman?"

  • White House Intern Inspector.

  • My favorite food? Buffets, of course.

  • Former webmaster of a Taliban porn site.

  • I drunk a met never like I didn't.

  • "Put me in coach, I'm off probation!"

  • I hung my chad in Florida.

  • "Now where did I leave my cigar?" -Bill Clinton

  • Boring People need not apply.

  • You buy it, I'll drink it.

  • Subpoena Me!

  • Bikini wax will jam a FAX machine, trust me.

  • Voted off the island.

  • I think I will have a Great Day, is that made with rum?

  • You were supposed to bring the fried chicken.

  • Miniskirts make me smile.

  • "I was the weakest link."

  • Sex sells, do you?

  • Zorba the Geek was here.

  • Warning, the above email contains subversive material.

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