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 Chronological list and links... the DAY JOB SERIES.

   All blame for this list should be sent to the Desk's Day Job Co-worker. just kidding

  • 1998-2001

    The DESK used to LOVE its Day Job. Good State Jobs -vs- Bad Ones
    It worked with some interesting people and situations. The Restroom Article
    There were times when the Desk actually got real job type work done... How to avoid work without really trying or not Excel 'curse spit'.
    And the Desk's desk even posed for a portrait The desk

    And it was TOO GOOD TOO LAST

  • Summer 2001

    And then... The Day We All Got Fired
    Time to pack and go
    Then the move to the NEW OFFICE
    Soon the Desk learned how things were put together in the New Office and drew up a Flow Chart
    Now it got to use State-of-the-Fart programs... no that's not a typo...TPM program

  • Fall 2001

    Then... just when things started to settle down... The Bosslady Leaves
    Those of the 'water cooler crowd' go to A Class

    [NOTE: some of the following articles are on a separate website due to inflammatory content.]

    The Desk's attitude REALLY takes a nosedive.... Bad Attitude
    And then it gets even worse as things get even worse. Apathy for fun and profit
    The BOSSES decide to make a change.... The Desk responds
    And a decision rendered... or unrendered... derendered... something... the Last Word on the matter... is in Latin. Bread and Circuses
    Looking for another job isn't much better. An Interview

  • Winter 2001-02

    And the people around the new digs don't even play real people on TV... Un-people

  • ... More to come... Probably.

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