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September 10, 2002
September 11, 2002

September 10, 2002
Fear of Flying? Commentary and gallows humor posted on the Desk's pages on Tripod.

New HOAX Email and Forum Posting- Operation Homerun

Rest of Attack page below picture

USS ARIZONA on fire and sinking

"We have awakened a sleeping giant and have instilled in him a terrible resolve".

Japanese Imperial Admiral Yamamoto
After he planned and led the Pearl Harbor Attack

The Desk Hopes and Prays we still have that resolve to awaken.
        - maybe.... just maybe... we do!

Desk Coverage of the Aftermath....

From a Friend of the Desk...How Could GOD let this happen


The New Afghanistan = Whitewashed TALIBAN!!

   Carpet Bombing Liberals... for fun and profit Written on Christmas Day!
   Brainwashing -vs- Treason

  The Libertarian Party's US Mail Nightmare Email   It's hilarious, but it is actually a sad commentary on the Postal Service.. you've got to read this!

   "Package Delivered" Special Ops in Afghanistan... fiction... or ???

Something passed on to the Desk from a Friend at Dover Air Force Base. (yes, it's been around the Web twice and counting... oh well, it's still a good picture.)
Pass the Colors

"Jihad THIS" and other Richard Gere type thoughts.

The Desk looks at an email about what the
United Way is doing with MILLIONS of Dollars

October 23, 2001 - The Desk answers those upset with it for debunking HOAXES.

   Big Ted and Gene's Dream

  NEW! Scare Scam Spam now circulating...anthrax email And the Halloween Warning

  How STUPID do the Talib think we are... don't answer that... Check this out from July! The Desk is Standing By It!

  A Prayer was answered.

        Two Answers to the 'Answered Prayer' Article from Opposite Ends of the Spectrum.
        An Atheist answers.
        A look at the issue by a Wiccan Priestess.

Is It World War Three?

The Political Forcast: Cloudy, chance of bad laws... see: Knee Jerking

Saturday 9/22 Options and Politics and a prayer.

Text of President Bush's Speech to the Nation

The Austrailian Petition Letter to President Bush is REAL! Details Here

We will do the Right Thing.

Calm Wisdom
from a Friend of the Desk. READ THIS!

I Haven't Woke Up Yet!!!
   Another friend of the Desk answers the nightmare article.

The TALIBAN No sugar coating, no pulled punches. The Desk looks at the Talib and what they really are.

The Taliban's First Lie -may be their last...

What Can I Do?

Count Our Dead... and move on


The Nostradamus email is a HOAX, and has been added to the URBAN LEGEND PAGE!

It's Back! Afghanistan Chain Letter information... this one is a very bad taste hoax.

Graphic supplied by Pixiecatt, a Friend of the desk.

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