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Where have all the liberals gone?

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      Rosie now claims she loves GW.
      Some of the ones that said they were going to leave the country if W was elected have now made appearances at 9/11 relief parties and joined in singing 'God Bless America' in front of witnesses.
      What's going on here?

      Well. It's simple.

      A good liberal can smell the wind changing long before the storm clouds come over the horizon.

      Most of the Major Media types, Hollywood elite, and Ivory Tower academics are still just as liberal as AlGore and his mentor, Bill the Lecher and his 'I don't want to be President' wife.
      But in the face of 5,000 American Civilian Dead and the continued terror and rumors of terror the American People have seen what appeasement and pacification as preached by the doves of the 'Give Peace a Chance' corral have gotten us....

      And now when they trotted out that same tired line, nobody wanted to hear it.

      Our People DIED in Our Buildings and on Our Planes at Home!

      The Majority of the American People have spoken....

      "Take your 'Well we don't want to hurt innocent civilians over there...' panty waste belly aching and go hug a tree someplace."

      Don't believe the Desk? Go up to the Mall parking lot and check the car antenna flags and bumper stickers. How many signs in your neighborhood still say something along the lines of "United we Stand" or "In God We Trust" or something like that? Or even...

"Jihad THIS"

      Sorry Richard Gere... The Desk would have booed you too.

      Maybe... just maybe... we've all heard all the Liberal nonsense we can stand and have come to our senses.
      Now if they'd take all this leftover Political Correctness crap with them...


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