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Tricks and Treats

The Email warning about staying out of the Malls on Halloween is...


You already know what's coming.

The Desk found a couple of sources which have tracked this email back quite a ways.

The Story in the Arizona Republic

At Urban Legends

So while Americans need to be aware of their surroundings and what is going on... Panic Stricken emails claiming 'inside information' about something that is going to happen are...

Very Bad Tasting SPAM!

Use some common sense in the coming weeks... and this email may be a good place to start.

Thank you.


Subject: FW: Caution (for whatever it's worth)

Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 11:35:32 -0500
I recieved this from a friend and it has been passed on and on....whether it is true or not it is worth concidering...please read and be safe!!!! Jen
Hi All - I think you all know that I don't send out hoaxes and don't do the reactionary thing and send out anything that crosses my path. This one, however, is a friend of a friend and I've given it enough credibility in my mind that I'm writing it up and sending it out to all of you.
My friend's friend was dating a guy from Afghanistan up until a month ago. She had a date with him around 9/6 and was stood up. She was understandably upset and went to his home to find it completely emptied.
On 9/10, she received a letter from her boyfriend explaining that he wished he could tell her why he had left and that he was sorry it had to be like that. The part worth mentioning is that he BEGGED her not to get on any commercial airlines on 9/11 and to not to go any malls on Halloween. As soon as everything happened on the 11th, she called the FBI and has since turned over the letter.
This is not an email that I've received and decided to pass on.

This came from a phone conversation with a long-time friend of mine last night.
I may be wrong, and I hope I am. However, with one of his warnings being correct and devastating, I'm not willing to take the chance on the second and wanted to make sure that people I cared about had the same information that I did.
Laura [deleted- ed.]
Implementation Specialist

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