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And their point is….?

       There is a screaming headline on Foxnews.

Dennis Quaid Likes Marilyn Monroe in the Buff
       The accompanying picture is of some guy with what could only be described as a leering grin across his face. (The Desk wouldn’t know Dennis Quaid if he walked in and said hi, but that is neither here nor there.)

       The reason the Desk is wondering about this is that the following story suggests that there is something wrong with Mr. Quaid for liking a classic photograph of the Blonde Bombshell in her birthday suit enough to pay thirty five hundred dollars for it.

       For crying out loud. Be glad he likes grown women and get over it!

       The Desk likes pictures of Miss Monroe too, but its checkbook isn’t heavy enough to spring for a paperback bio of her with said picture in it at a flea market.

       It is something of a relief that a star has enough moxy to not only buy the picture in public, but not apologize for it and say he only did it to support the shop owners starving kids or something. Yes he didn’t do it in front of a rather shy lady friend when he first saw it, but he did come back later and paid for it.

       For which the Desk applauds Dennis Quaid. The Desk is absolutely sick of political correctness and everybody being deadly afraid of offending anybody. So if you have a naked picture of Norma Jean and feel un-PC about it… send it to Dr Leftover for safe keeping.

       But now the Desk has a couple of questions.

       Who is he? What did he star in? And why is the fact that he bought said picture newsworthy in the least?


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