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Don't panic- yet

      What does it take before the Officials come out and use some really heavy words?

      These words have been thrown around by a lot of folks waving the Liberal flag in situations where they shouldn't be used. The words have definite specific meanings and to use them otherwise weakens them when it comes time to use them.
      For instance. Obesity is NOT contagious. You cannot go out and bump into a fat person in the mall and catch obesity.
      Another example. Illiteracy. There is no known infectious agent that will suddenly turn you illiterate. People who graduate from high school while being unable to read at more than an elementary school level do not have anything that orange juice and chicken soup will help cure.
      The same holds true for Domestic and School Violence. Those are simply not subject to spreading through contact with a drinking glass or doorknob.

      The words in question are: Epidemic and Pandemic.

Epidemic: widespread outbreak of an infectious disease; many people are infected at the same time. Example: Various 'Legionnaires' disease outbreaks.

Pandemic: epidemic that is geographically widespread; occurring throughout a region or even throughout the world. Examples: the 1918 flu season, AIDS since the late 1980's

      The current Flu outbreak has made headlines with everybody from Michael Jackson to the Pope in the hospital. Every school has kids out, most workplaces have noticed widespread absences. Convention Schedules have had to be rewritten as keynote speakers are out sick and a good percentage of the attendees are home in bed.

      Yet the news doesn't seem to mention it beyond noting that John Paul the Second went home.
      The UN's WHO wavers between trying to either blame America for the illnesses if they can do it in front of BBC cameras and begging for money so their executives can catch a flight to Tuluvu to wait it out.
      The US's CDC and NIH are very careful to avoid saying anything definate at all except the numbers of DEATHS hasn't reached some mysterious threshold- yet.

      The rationale seems to be the old tired sorry line: "We don't want to alarm the public."
      Sorry folks, We The People are already getting alarmed when we go into an office building and half the cubes are empty with people missing due to illness.
      And they all have The Same Illness!

      How many people have to get sick, and yes, even have to die, before the POLITICIANS in Washington and the various state capitols call it what it is?

      YES. You CAN have a Flu Epidemic even though there is no such thing as an Aggressive or Drunk Driving Epidemic. And YES, we seem to be in the middle of a Flu Pandemic.

      People all over are getting terribly sick from a virus that is spread through Human to Human and airborne contact. And some are indeed dying from it.
      According to the CDC's own numbers the flu is "widespread" in over half the states in the country. Only California and Alabama are reporting 'sporadic' cases and four others are reporting 'local activity'. Sixteen states call it 'regional'. Every other state has it everywhere.

      Wake up! Take the Stinking POLITICS out of the game and Call It what it is and put in place some procedures to make those with it to stay home so the rest of us DON'T get it.
      In any case. If you're out sick... stay home and read a good story...
            The DESK just might know where there are a few.... hint hint.

TIPS to avoid it.

  1. Washest Thine Hands. Often.
  2. Avoid close contact with those who are sick, or were recently ill.
  3. Eat your fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals to fight it.
  4. Drink LOTS of liquids.
  5. Wash your hands even more.

For more information see the CDC flu page at Also see the Latest Activity Map. that might scare you


[NOTE: The Desk is not a physician nor does it play one on TV. But it does follow its own advice. Now pardon please, time to go wash up again. thank you]

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