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The NEW Male isn't very masculine.

NEW YORK, Aug. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Women may dream of canoodling with Hollywood's hottest hunks, but when it comes to the ultimate hook-up, they've got very different ideas. According to a PLAYGIRL Magazine survey of 2,000 readers, most women would ditch the movie-star good looks in favor of the nice guy next door:
  • While 58% favored a slightly muscular build, 42% said they found love handles kind of sexy
  • Chest hair is a turn-off according to 51 %, but 47% said just a little is fine with them
  • Metrosexuals are definitely out, and rough around the edges rule the day (73%)

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      According to the mainstream popular press there is a new masculinity in Europe. Sensitive men who wear pink flowered shirts and belong to swingers clubs are the New Male. This trend is being exported to America and the rest of the world at a record pace since Europe under the staggering administration of the EU has nothing else to offer.
      The New Men are not afraid to test their own limits and to be themselves.
      At least they can 'be themselves' as long as they conform to former US Democratic Presidential Nominee Dr. Howard Dean's Metrosexual ideal of the bisexual Oprah fan who can't live without their double mocha latte with almond essence and button the collar of their pink shirt even when they're not wearing a tie.

      Oh, by the way. Men in plaid shirts with two pockets who drink Old Milwaukee need not apply to the New Male Club.

      One of the articles trumpeted something about how 'Rambo' needed to move over to make room for men that smoke strawberry/chocolate flavored miniature cigars and like being pampered in salons to feed their vanity.
      Virility and strength are 'out', being sweetly in touch with your feelings is 'in'.
      Lord help us if we ever need several thousand John Wayne types to save us from another 'Thousand Year Reich'.

      It is fitting that the expert source for the article is some Frenchie PR man who thinks men need to buy the right sneakers to affirm who they are.

      It is evidently 'Out' for a man to be a man. A man that likes women. A guy that barely tolerates little yappy ankle biter dogs. One who is not in touch with his feminine side beyond maybe having a single tear in his eye whenever he watches the end of Old Yeller when the faithful old dog gets shot. Strong silent men who smoke real cigars and tune up chainsaws are seen as macho throwbacks and evolutionary mistakes.
      No longer are men to "Go for the Gusto". Instead they to be conscious of their emotions and wring their hands about appearing insensitive to others.

      Ford Motor Company is simply full of manure. Being tough has nothing to do with buying a black pickup truck. Especially one with a mirror in the driver's sun visor so the 'new man' in his 'new truck' can check his hair before he walks boldly into the partner swapping club in his pink shirt.
      "Oh, and would you like heated seats in your Ford Tough Truck?"
      This is tough? Evidently that same Frenchman has redefined what being tough means.
      Maybe tough is being able to still wear that pink shirt when you write out your six hundred dollar a month car payment on top of a grand a month for rent and however much he is paying for clothes and shoes and hair to stay with the latest style. Toting around bottles of cologne and a hair brush. They use facial moisturizer to minimize wrinkles before they have a face lift. Not to mention the fruit flavored cigars and all that.

      Hmmmm. Let's look at that.

      Flower print clothes. Fruity drinks. Visor mirrors. Fancy hairstyles. Cosmetic surgery...

      Ah, That's IT!

      The New Male Metrosexual is ...
                 ... a Woman!


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