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New York City Trip Photo Page 2

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The NYC Special Edition Warnings and Disclaimers Photo Page

The American Radiator Building
The American Radiator Building. Black bricks and gold from 1924, you've gotta love it.
The building is now the Bryant Park Hotel.

a forty story condo building going up.
This is the new condo tower on Eighth Ave. Yes the street front is twenty feet wide. It is twice as thick in the back.

NOTE: Picture left FULL SIZE to show detail.
The famous Chrysler Building
The world's tallest brick building.
The 1920 Chrysler Building with its eagles just visible near the top is a monument to the art deco movement.

The Paramount Building Clock and Globe

The Paramount Building fašade
Built in 1927 to make a statement on Broadway, and to keep time while it was at it, the old Paramount Theater is now a famous restaurant. The clock and globe are still lit up at night.

The New Victory Theater
From the turn of the last century to today the old Republic Theater has had more names and roles on Forty Second Street than you can easily count. It is now a 'youth theater'. See article for details and links.

the 1650 Broadway sign
This old sign graces the top of one of the more famous Broadway addresses ever. Well, it was a bit of a reach at the time, but it worked.
The sign should read: "1650 Broadway, the best known addresses in the entertainment world"

Times Square
This is one view of Times Square. There are many many others, all equally.... busy.

A stairway in the Library
A quiet stairway away from the hustle and bustle in the New York City Public Library. Most of the action is down by the main doors on the first floor. These stairs are a bit off the beaten path in a quiet corner, but they are still impressive.
And no... they don't build them like this no more. The 1911 Library is still one of the largest Marble Buildings in the World.

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