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Thoughts of a Wandering Soul

      To that which I have undertaken of late I can say this. If not for what I learned while growing up. I might be tempted to cash in the chips and become one of the growing numbers of wanderers that appear on our city streets. And it seems to know no boundaries as to where I speak. For I have seen them almost everywhere I have been of late.
      The adventure for which my newfound life mate and I have under taken be either good or ill advised. Called risk or folly. Fool's errand and the like. I feel that it has brought me closer to someone who I was in fear of losing to those who care about her and myself. For they all want to see the best for each of us. But they seem to forget that it is our life that we must live. And do so on our terms. Stumbling or standing tall on our own. But doing so of our making. And living life at apace in which we can say to ourselves at least we made those choices.
      How does one go from a secure job that is going nowhere to trying for a new life out in the world. And finding out that one needed to think things out a little longer. Or plan out more details. But if waiting was answer. Why did all the time prior to this seem to amount to nil.
      Our life out here in the big wide world has been on of challenges, and small rewards. But it seems slowly that the tide is ebbing and some good is coming our way. So I keep a light on in my heart and an ever vigil watch on my love and life mate. So that they are as safe as I can make them. And go on with this adventure.
      Hoping for the Brass ring, but taking all the small successes along the way. Wishing those we left behind understanding and love. A happy and good life, but wanting their love and best wishes as we have for them.
      To the friends who have supported us in these efforts I thank and wish many happy times ahead.

Fred now in SD

[Good to hear from you Fred. And he has promised to stay in touch now that his mail be being forwarded some two thousand miles west.]

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