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CELL PHONE -or- Modern Day Six-gun?

From a Friend of the Desk

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As I go through my day, no matter where or when, I seem to see them all over. Small ones big ones, mini ones, with and without headphones. With and without belt clips and holsters. Everywhere you turn these days they are there. And those among us who don't choose to carry them are relegated to missing out on the instant communication the world has come to rely on. I think this has its good side. But I read the other day that some states have laws limiting their use while driving. A good thing I agree. Thoughts of some of the people I have seen on just a normal land based phone, the body language. The intensity of the callers and facial expressions, defy description.

It is good to call for assistance when needed. But the variety of calling plans would make Ma Bell wonder just how much that call did cost. You have calling plans, peak rates, and pay ahead, limited minutes. Let's not forget roaming and out of base area charges. And how can you tell where you are anyhow? Now the advent of the next generation of satellite phones that went from the realm of the CEOs and military to being small and user friendly. To being seen on CNN as a staple of those third world countries trying to be like their larger but at times not wiser neighbors. And what of the terrorists and criminals of the world who want a means of communication that is almost unmonitorable by those reported to enforce the laws and safe guard our security and peaceful way of life.

And now that cell phones just seem to be all that and a bag of chips along comes the rebirth of the old walkie-talkies. And cell phones that can act as both. It seems also to be a right of passage to most of the teenage kids. Until they have to start paying those bills and roaming charges on their own. Even this writer once had no less then 3 cell phones at one time in my name. Being used by family members for only vital communication only. Then the kids, and even me too, was drawn to use this modern marvel. Not thinking of the cost or what might have waited till I got to a normal land based phone. But then there is the predecessor of the cell phone the pager. Of which is just as widely used and abused by the masses.

Is the cell phone the modern six gun being carried by everyone to use in their defense and aid in the preservation of the peace and well being of mankind? Look around everyone seems to have one on belt pocket, in purse or where ever it can be mounted or secured. And those that have then look down at those without like we are less then or of impure birth. And what of the accessories?

Fred at large

[Thanks Fred. Now... are there any questions about why the Desk does not have a cel phone, pager or PDA?]

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