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Stream of Consciousness 3

From a Friend of the Desk

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[Presented with minimal editing- Webmaster]

       In this world that we exist the following has been true for some time. Most of the people have no notion of what is truly going on in the world. And when faced with having to make decisions on what is happening in the world as it effects them. They most of the time allow those that they elected to decide for then and gripe when these people appear to chose the wrong course of action. And most of these happen when the actions of this trust is misplaced .For the writers of the great works have been able to do is create some of the most read works of all time. Explaining and paralleling real life with alarming closeness to detail that one wonders. Who is being told the story the writers or us the masses at large.

       And what of those that we work with that seem to know or should know better. But appear to be just as in the dark as the rest of us. And what of those in even higher positions that require them to have others provide them with the correct information. But most of the time they only get what those that give them this info only part of the picture. And think that they are making their decision on all the facts but are only being led astray by misplacing their trust in those that are out to get them or better themselves at any expense.

       This leads one to only trust in what one can see and not have any faith in ones peers. And also leads to incorrect assumptions on the part of leadership. If this is the way things are then how can those of us that suffer the most make changes to provide for better of one and all... ... I Think I am getting a little off of track and can't remember what the original purpose of this exercise is suppose to be.
       ...And how many does it take to correct the wrongs that have been done in the name of good ?

To the DESK from a disinterested and some times disin???? whatever the word is thank you for allowing this person to open up and expound the virtues of what seems to be important to this writer.

[No problem sir. Your musings offer some interesting points to consider on what passes for reality here in the early years of the twenty first century.

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